Kittens Are From Hell.

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Kitten season is upon us. As veritable tsunamis of the tiny fuzzies are washing up on our adoption floor, it’s very easy for potential adopters to overlook our amazing adult cats. We know kittens are so tiny, so adorable, so innocent looking. We know that makes it hard to remember that kittens are also instruments of mass destruction. Will they … Read More

Puppies Are Evil.

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Yes, they are so stinkin’ cute. We know that. We also know that we have a passel of them that will be up for adoption in a few days. But before you get all in a kerfluffle over bringing home a puppy, we want to make sure we’ve warned you – really, really, thoroughly warned you – that through no … Read More

Eddie Aftermath: I’m Kind Of Crappy, Too!

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If you missed all the hoopla, it got a little wacky around these parts. Remember Eddie The Terrible? Bite me. Or better yet, I’ll bite you. Apparently people really like his style. Which is fantastic. Not only did our favorite little jerk get a home, it also confirmed all of our suspicions about humanity. Which is mainly that people are … Read More