Welcome to our Doggy Day Out Program!


Be an adventure buddy! 

Become a Doggy Day Out (DDO) volunteer to take dogs on outings and sleepovers! 

  • Take shelter dogs on outings for a few hours a day so they can take a break from the shelter and experience some new things. 
  • Take shelter dogs on sleepovers so they get an even longer break, and a good nights’ rest. 

Volunteers give our active, large breed dogs a chance to experience hikes, beach days, some chill time in a home or to dine on the patio of a dog-friendly restaurant! 


Get ready for a rowdy good time! 

Our DDO dogs tend to have energy to burn – they are great dogs, but they may pull on the leash or still have a few manners to learn.  Being out and about with volunteers helps them get their wiggles out while also teaching them valuable life skills. Whichever dog you take out, we’ll give you what you need to succeed! 


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Did you know? 

By taking out a DDO dog, you can help them get adopted too!  

  • Sharing photos and videos of your DDO dog with us helps us spread the word about them on social media. 
  • You may also meet people who might be interested in adopting, and you can give them the animals info and instructions for contacting our adoption department.  


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Phone: 408-262-2133 x121


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“I cannot imagine a time now where this wasn’t part of my life. What a difference this has made to me.”


– Susannah Greenwood

Doggy Day Out FAQs

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