We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to receive the emotional benefits of having a pet. By supporting pet owners facing hardships, we are keeping families whole.




Economic uncertainty and the rising costs of living have led to an increase in pet owners struggling to find affordable veterinary care for their pets. Many pet owners are facing financial difficulties due to rising inflation and effects of the pandemic, and are unable to provide for their pet’s basic needs, including veterinary care and proper nutrition.

Across the country, families struggle to afford veterinary services

of pet owners cite financial issues as a barrier to preventative care
0 million
cats and dogs live with families that receive public assistance

Providing Services to Keep Pets in Homes

We believe strongly that pets are a part of the family and can make such a huge difference in the lives of the people who love them. Through our Wellness Waggin’, a fully-equipped mobile surgical unit, we are able to provide free spay/neuter and wellness clinics to the pets of people who face significant barriers that restrict their access to affordable veterinary care for their pets. We partner with organizations to target pet owners who are experiencing homelessness or live in low-income areas of our community in order to provide services to those who need it most. 


Learn more about the Wellness Waggin’ and the services we offer in this video. 

Feeding Pets in Our Community

Draymon and his family have used many of our services over the years. The sweet cat and his siblings receive free food through our Pet Pantry Program when their owner is going through a tough time, and attend veterinary clinics regularly to keep up with their vaccinations. At a clinic recently, our veterinary staff noticed that something seemed to be wrong with Draymon and he needed emergency care. His family could not afford a costly veterinary visit, so he was referred to our medical center for emergency care. Draymon had obstructions in his bladder causing severe pain and an inability to urinate. He was given emergency surgery to relieve the blockage and was hospitalized in our care for several days while he recovered. Our medical team monitored his recovery closely, and worked with his family to come up with a treatment plan to prevent future blockages.


Once Draymon was healed and feeling better, he was returned to his loving family, who had been waiting patiently but worrying about him for days. We are so grateful we had the ability to treat Draymon and provide his family with the services they needed to keep Draymon in his loving home.

"I am so grateful for the assistance so I can keep my beloved pets. I am disabled and unemployed right now. It's been a lifesaver and everyone has been so kind."

– One of 400 Pet Pantry clients we served in 2021

Our Vision

We believe that the human-animal bond supports the mental and emotional well-being of both people and their pets, and that those who wish to have and keep a pet should have the opportunity to benefit from this important bond. We envision a world where no pet suffers due to pet owners’ financial or other difficulties. To bring us closer to that goal, we are expanding our services to provide access to care to bonded families across our community. By increasing support for programs like our Pet Pantry Program and free veterinary clinics for underserved populations in our community, we are striving to ensure that more families can stay together.

Help keep families whole

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