Stray Animal Drop Off Hours & Location

HSSV houses stray animals from the city of Sunnyvale.

If you have found a Sunnyvale stray animal, please bring it to HSSV during our open hours.

Sunnyvale Stray Drop Off Hours for the Public:

7 days a week — 9am to 6pm

901 Ames Avenue, Milpitas — Pet Surrender Lobby

If you have found a Sunnyvale stray animal outside of these hours, please do not come to HSSV. Instead, call Sunnyvale Dispatch at 408-730-7180 for an officer to transport to HSSV directly.

Questions? Email us at

Have you found kittens?


Are you missing your pet?

HSSV houses stray animals from the city of Sunnyvale. If you believe your pet was lost in a city other than Sunnyvale, make sure to check all local shelters in the area.

HSSV will hold onto stray felines without identification for a minimum of three days and stray canines without identification for a minimum of five days. This hold period is extended if the animal has a microchip or if the animal is wearing a license tag and/or a personalized name tag. After the hold period ends, animals are considered a candidate for adoption.

All of HSSV’s current Sunnyvale stray animals are posted onto Finding Rover.

Our suggestions for helping to find your lost pet are as follows:

Visit all local shelters

  • Come down to HSSV’ Pet Surrender Lobby  for a Lost Tour. Our staff will take you on a tour of Sunnyvale stray animals currently housed at HSSV, help you fill out a Lost Pet Report, and discuss tips for helping you to find your animal!
  • Don’t just stop at HSSV – visit all local shelters in the area to file a lost pet report and search for your missing pet.

Report the animal to HSSV

Post flyers in your neighborhood.

  • Need help? Generate a flyer with Pet Bond (not affiliated with HSSV).

Call your microchip company

  • Not sure which company your pet’s microchip is registered too? Look it up on Pet Microchip Lookup and use the phone number provided to call the company, confirm your information is up to date, and to let them know your pet has gone missing.

Get the word out online

Post ads on the following websites:

Search for your missing pet on Finding Rover’s online database often – here is how to…

  • Go to website
  • Click on “Lost a Pet”
  • Update location in top orange bar
  • Filter for “Species” and “Gender” in top orange bar.
  • No need to hit “Save” – once you add in your filters and location, results will automatically appear.

Research lost pet behavior and tips for reunification

Want to print this information to take it to go? Download our “Pet Recovery Tips“.

Have you found a pet?

The quicker that you are able to report the pet to a local shelter, the better the chance it will be reunited with its family.

Not sure where to go? The table below which will show you which shelter to go to based on where you found the animal.

City animal was found in … Shelter the animal should go to …..
Sunnyvale Humane Society Silicon Valley

901 Ames Avenue

Milpitas, CA 95035

408 – 262 – 2133

Updated 04/21/2021

  • Hours for Public Drop Off 9am – 6pm daily.
  • For after hours (6pm – 9am) Sunnyvale stray animals, please call Sunnyvale Dispatch at 408-730-7180
San Jose


Los Gatos





San Jose Animal Care Center

2750 Monterey Highway

San Jose, CA 95111

408 – 794 – 7297

Monte Serano


Santa Clara

Mountain View


Silicon Valley Animal Control

3370 Thomas Road

Santa Clara CA 95054

408 – 764- 0344


San Martin

Morgan Hill

(Any unincorporated area of the county)

Santa Clara County Animal Shelter

12370 Murphy Avenue

San Martin, CA 95046

408 – 686- 3900

Palo Alto

Los Altos

Los Altos Hills

Palo Alto Animal Services/Pets in Need

3281 E. Bayshore Road

Palo Alto, CA 94043

650– 496- 5971

Don’t see your city? Call us at 408-262-2133 extension 110 for help.

If you found the animal in the city of Sunnyvale, you may also report the animal to the city of Sunnyvale Animal Control Unit at 408-730-7178.

Other steps you can take to help reunite this pet with its owner are as follows:

  • Bring the pet to your local shelter or veterinary office to scan for a microchip.
  • Post a photo and “Found Pet” ad with FindingRover and NextDoor.
  • If you’re willing, please post found animal posters in the area you found the pet.