Are you missing your pet?

HSSV houses stray animals from the city of Sunnyvale brought in by Sunnyvale residents (with valid ID). If you believe your pet was lost in a city other than Sunnyvale, make sure to check all local shelters in the area.

HSSV will hold onto stray felines and canines without identification for a minimum of three days. After the hold period ends, animals are considered a candidate for adoption.

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For the best chances of finding a lost pet, follow the tips below. To print this information, download our Pet Recovery Tips.

Steps to Finding a Lost Pet

Have you found a pet?

Animals found in the city of Sunnyvale:

HSSV houses stray animals from the city of Sunnyvale brought in by Sunnyvale residents. If you have found a Sunnyvale stray animal between the hours of 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. , and are a Sunnyvale resident (with valid ID), please bring it to our Sparkle Wilsey Pet Services Lobby.

If you have found a Sunnyvale stray animal outside of these hours, or do not have a valid ID, please do not come to HSSV. Instead, call Sunnyvale Dispatch at 408-730-7180 for an officer to transport to HSSV directly.

Animals found in cities other than Sunnyvale:

  • If the animal has a collar, start by calling/texting the number on the tag
  • Bring the animal to a veterinarian or your local shelter to scan for a microchip
  • If you found a dog, walk the dog in the neighborhood it was found and ask neighbors for help. This is also a great time to post “found pet” posters
  • Visit local animal shelters and fill out a found pet report
  • If you found the animal in the city of Sunnyvale, you may also report the animal to the city of Sunnyvale Animal Control Unit at 408-730-7178.
  • Take a good, clear photo of the pet and post to Finding Rover, NextDoor, and other lost and found online pet groups

Have you found kittens?

Don’t kit-nap kittens! Mom is likely to return and offers the best chance for survival. Please do not intervene…yet! If you find kittens, follow these tips:

  • Note the exact time and place you saw the kittens, then walk away
  • Return to the site 8-12 hours later
  • If you return and find…
    • Kittens gone: Hooray! Mom came back! Email us at to learn more about our Trap-Neuter-Return programs to help prevent her from having more kittens.
    • Kittens are still there: They need your help now! Call us at (408) 262-2133 x110 or email us at to discuss how to help these orphaned kittens.

Local Shelters

City animal was found in … Shelter the animal should go to …..
Sunnyvale Humane Society Silicon Valley

901 Ames Avenue

Milpitas, CA 95035

408 – 262 – 2133

  • Hours for Public Drop Off from Sunnyvale Residents 9am – 6pm daily.
  • For after hours (6pm – 9am) Sunnyvale stray animals, please call Sunnyvale Dispatch at 408-730-7180
San Jose


Los Gatos





San Jose Animal Care Center

2750 Monterey Highway

San Jose, CA 95111

408 – 794 – 7297

Monte Sereno


Santa Clara

Mountain View


Silicon Valley Animal Control

3370 Thomas Road

Santa Clara CA 95054

408 – 764- 0344


San Martin

Morgan Hill

(Any unincorporated area of the county)

Santa Clara County Animal Shelter

12370 Murphy Avenue

San Martin, CA 95046

408 – 686- 3900

Palo Alto

Los Altos

Los Altos Hills

Palo Alto Animal Services/Pets in Need

3281 E. Bayshore Road

Palo Alto, CA 94043

650– 496- 5971

Don’t see your city? Call us at 408-262-2133 x110 for help.