Visionaries’ Circle and President’s Circle

Members of our Visionaries’ Circle and President’s Circle demonstrate a level of generosity that is truly transformative, enabling lifesaving every day by giving $1,000 or more, cumulatively, each year. To learn more about our Visionaries’ Circle and President’s Circle, or if you are a current member interested in accessing your benefits, please contact Bridget Keenan at 408-942-3006 or

Visionaries’ Circle Membership Levels

Diamond Paws $50,000 or more*
Emerald Paws $25,000 – $49,999*

President’s Circle Membership Levels

Sapphire Paws $10,000 – $24,999*
Ruby Paws $5,000 – $9,999*
Amethyst Paws $2,500 – $4,999*
Pearl Paws $1,000 – $2,499*

As a Visionaries’ Circle or President’s Circle member, you will feel even closer to our mission by experiencing it firsthand. Maybe you’ve always wanted to ride along on a rescue mission — giving neglected or abandoned animals a second chance. Perhaps you’d like to learn how your gift transforms feline lives by attending a personal update by our President. Or see our daily lifesaving work behind-the-scenes with a tour through our state-of-the-art Medical Center. You may even have a challenging question for our animal socializers or behavior experts, whose rehabilitative work your gifts make possible.

These are just a few of the experiences available to you through our Visionaries’ Circle and President’s Circle. It is our way of saying thank you — for saving animals’ lives, for giving animals a voice, and for expressing your personal passion for animals as our deeply valued philanthropic partner.

Become a Member

Visionaries’ Circle

Visionaries’ Circle member benefits include those listed at every level of our President’s Circle.

President’s Circle

President’s Circle benefits at each level include all benefits in the level(s) below it. For instance, Sapphire Paws benefits include Ruby, Amethyst, and Pearl benefits.

1929 Legacy Society

Our Heritage Society has been re-named and is now our 1929 Legacy Society! Our members (who we now fondly call “our ’29ers”) have let us know that they have thoughtfully included Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) in their will or trust, or as a beneficiary of their retirement account, life insurance, charitable remainder trust, or more.

As a member of our 1929 Legacy Society, you will enjoy a deeper connection to HSSV. Through our benefits listed below we will share with you the lifesaving work we are performing now, so you can consider a particular area of our work in which you’d like to leave your legacy. These benefits are designed to bring you deeper into our fold, with a view into HSSV’s long-term plans, keeping you engaged, inspired, and excited about what your future gift will accomplish.

For any questions regarding our 1929 Legacy Society benefits, how to leave a future gift to HSSV, or to let us know you have already included HSSV in your estate plans, please contact Bridget Keenan at 408-942-3006 or


1929 Legacy Society Program Benefits


You can enjoy:

  • Invitations to our annual Giving Society events designed to inform you about our lifesaving programs
  • Opportunities for hands-on mission experiences
  • The ability to designate your gift toward your favorite programs, and in ways where you can support HSSV for decades to come
  • Eligibility to plan for your pets by enrolling in our Pet Guardianship Program
  • The opportunity to share your own story of support on our website or in our newsletter
  • A permanent spot on our website where we honor those who have included us in their legacy

You will also receive stories and mission updates through:

  • HSSV’s “All Things Pawsible” mailed newsletters
  • Our informative emailed Annual Report

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Faithful Friends

As a Faithful Friend monthly donor, you provide steadfast support on a schedule you select, with a gift amount that is meaningful to you. The dependability of your monthly contribution allows us to say “Yes!” to every animal who comes to us for food, shelter, enrichment, medical attention, and ultimately a loving home. Through your monthly gifts, you are working alongside us every day, helping us save lives.

You also receive:

  • Invitations to participate in hands-on mission experiences
  • Acknowledgements via email, saving paper and resources
  • Animal stories illustrating how your support is making a difference

If you have any questions, please emil us at or call us at 408-262-2133 ext. 115.

Become a Faithful Friend