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Gifts from Wills & Trusts

By including HSSV in your estate plans, you can help us save lives and transform countless others for years to come.

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Heritage Society

Our Heritage Society members have thoughtfully included HSSV in their will or trust, or as a beneficiary of their retirement account, life insurance, charitable remainder trust, or more, and enjoy special benefits of membership.

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Planning for Your Pets

Planning for your pets’ future is something that every responsible pet owner should consider.

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Planning for Your Pets through Pet Guardianship

By enrolling your animals in Pet Guardianship, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing a plan is in place for your beloved pets, should the time come when one is needed. Your enrollment can also spare loved ones from the process of re-homing a pet, which can be painful and overwhelming.

Please note: This program is intended to plan for a pet in the event of their owner’s passing. If you are looking for help finding a home for your pet now, please visit our Pet Surrender page

The Steps for Enrollment in Pet Guardianship are Easy

1. Complete a Cat Biography or Dog Biography for each pet you wish to enroll. If any of your pets are bonded, please complete a Companionship Supplement Form. If you prefer to receive printed copies of the forms to return via mail, please contact Bridget Keenan at 408-942-3006 or

2. Designate a friend, relative, neighbor, or executor of your estate to bring your pet to HSSV if necessary.

3. Make an annual donation of any amount to HSSV.

4. Specify in your will or trust the following:

  • Your pet is to be entrusted to HSSV at your death. You may wish to write the statement: “At the time of my death, I give my pet(s) to Humane Society Silicon Valley’s Pet Guardianship Program.”
  • Humane Society Silicon Valley is a beneficiary, to cover our expenses as we work to find a new home for your pet(s).

5. Mail or email a copy of this documentation to us:

Humane Society Silicon Valley
Attn: Bridget Keenan
901 Ames Ave.
Milpitas, CA 95035

6. We will mail a confirmation of your Pet Guardianship enrollment. Please keep a copy of your confirmation with your will or trust.


Start Giving Today!

Work right alongside us to start saving lives TODAY by giving a lifesaving gift right now! You will be a hero for our animals, making a huge impact on four-legged and two-legged lives throughout your community.