Three Unruly Puppies Debunk Common Misconceptions About Animal Shelters.

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This is Jessie, Dorie and Evie. And they need to talk to you about something.
They love to talk. This isn’t unusual as they’re puppies which means making noise, pooping in shoes and wreaking havoc is sort of what they do.

3 puppies

Do you have a shoe? I just ate breakfast.

They want to chat with you about a few misconceptions about animal shelters that might have kept you from coming to see us and meeting our pooches. They’re just going to jump on in here as we need to get this cleared up.
1) Shelters are sad places. If you visited one, you’d want to take all the pets home and would leave depressed. 

3 puppies playfighting

I belly flop on that nonsense. And on my siblings. Because I can.

We’re not doubting this used to be true. In some places it probably still is. But a shelter is like an airport, really. It’s the place where good things start. Dogs here, and in many other shelters, get a lot of attention and love. We have an army of volunteers and staff that love on the animals, spacious rooms and yards to go out in. Is it as good as a home? No. But it’s not a bad place to wait until a home comes along. A nice home. Like yours.
Plus any place that has Puppy Wrestlemania occurring on their premises can not be considered sad. Seriously.
2) Shelters are full of broken animals. 

puppy eyes

I’m sorry – who are you calling broken??


The biggest reason that animals wind up in shelters has nothing to do with the animals – it has to do with the owner having lifestyle changes. Those horrifying pictures of abused and neglected dogs you see on tv? Those are the exceptions which is why they put them on the news. If every dog that turned up in shelters had been through horrific circumstances it would cease to be news. Thank dog we don’t live in that world.
The majority of our pets came from homes just like yours and are waiting to find a permanent home just like yours. Our kids that were abused or neglected? That doesn’t define them. No one likes to be a pity case.
3) Adopting a pet from a shelter is hard. 

3 puppies

Step back, Dory. I got this one. 

Dental visits are hard. Dealing with pesky in-laws is hard. Highway 101 between San Jose and San Francisco during rush hour? That’s hard. Adopting a pet is a fun, happy experience. You get to play with all sorts of different dogs. Yes, you do have to talk to someone. No, our adoption counselors are not going to make you feel like some sort of potential pet abuser or interrogate you. We do want to talk to you – we love our pooches as much as you do and we want to know they’re going somewhere great. And we can’t wait to tell you about all of our great dogs. But no judgies. We know you’re great – you found us, right?
puppy and stuffed animals
See this? It’s a great toy. And I am a great dog. Sorry about the shoe.
Now that we’ve cleared the air a little bit,we think it’s time you stopped in.
See you later this week then? Perfect.

3 puppies

This isn’t what it looks like. I wasn’t doing anything to him. I swear.

All these little pumpkins were swooped up before this blog even had time to be written but we do have other puppies. Check out our website to see who’s waiting for you.

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