Mission Impawsible

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It’s not every day you find a pair of cats in your ceiling! Or in this case… rafters! Gemma (orange & white) & Frannie (grey tabby) wanted a taste of the world outside of holding. Bored of the confines of their own space, they decided to make a break for it, but how? After some searching, they found it. A … Read More

A Long Road for a Sweet Kitten

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When the tiny kitten was brought to our medical center, she came with a traumatic backstory. Her and her sister had been found on the side of the road by an extremely caring man. Their mom had been hit by a car and passed away. Opal, as the kitten would be named, had an injury to her front right leg … Read More

The Little Puppy That Could

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Tilly and her eight siblings were brought in at less than a week old, all with their eyes still closed. The pups would need round-the-clock care, and were split up and sent to a few different experienced foster homes to ensure they would each get the intensive care they needed. But almost immediately, things started to go downhill for this … Read More

Puppy Playtime in The Office

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  Puppy incoming! Here at HSSV, it’s not uncommon for employees to take care of puppies in their cubicles. Avery was recovering from a fractured pelvis and hip alone in her room. A group from our Development team stepped up to the plate and took her in. Her temporary caretakers had a blast looking out for her during the time she … Read More

A Great Dane Gets a Great Home

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  Mallory spending time with one of our amazing volunteers right before she found her new home After just two days on our adoption floor, Mallory caught the eye of her new family. They had previously had a deaf Great Dane, and had been looking for another one to join their family and fill the Great Dane-sized hole in their … Read More

Laylee’s Incredible Transformation

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After a few days, Laylee was sent to a foster home to continue her treatment. They worked on getting her skin feeling better, as well as putting some much-needed weight on her. Laylee thrived in her foster home. She was thrilled to have their resident dog around to play with, and even showed how respectful and sweet she could be … Read More

Creating a Path Forward, Together

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The Start of a New Chapter It’s hard to believe that it has been almost five years since the first time I visited Humane Society Silicon Valley. I distinctly remember the warm February afternoon when I arrived at the Animal Community Center to kick off a volunteer consulting project. I was surprised by the welcoming campus and the beautiful building, … Read More