Finding Forever Homes

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Here at HSSV, we’re dedicated to finding loving homes for the animals in our care, no matter how long it takes. There’s nothing like witnessing an adopter fall in love with their new pet, and we’re honored to make it happen everyday. It’s even better when adopters follow up with us to tell us about life with their new family member! Here are some happy tails from pets who needed a little extra time to find their perfect match.


Maverick Meets His Match

Maverick, a beautiful husky, was found wandering the streets of Sunnyvale. The first thing our staff noticed was that Maverick was incredibly intelligent – he quickly proved he knew how to open doors, even locked ones.

While Maverick was smart and eager to please, he could be nervous around new people and spent time with our Behavior team to build up his confidence. He also had tons of energy and needed rigorous daily exercise to stay healthy and happy.

It took months, but Maverick finally found his forever family, including a new husky sister who quickly became his best friend. Our Adoptions team reached out to Maverick’s new family to make sure he was settling in and learned that in just a week, the energetic dog had settled down and transformed into a total lovebug. They renamed him Simon, a reflection of the gentle and soft personality they began to see as Simon started to feel safe and secure in their home.

Simon with his new sister in his loving home

“He is the mellowest, sweetest boy ever,” his adopters shared. “Simon always wants to be near you and to be touched and loved.” Simon loves to play with his sister, go for walks, and cuddle up with his family.

We’re so thrilled that Simon met his perfect match and is thriving in his new home!


Choco Falls in Love

When our staff first met Choco, the black and white cat was nervous. He lashed his tail and growled at our Medical team during his first vet appointment, making it clear he wanted to be left alone.

After a few days, Choco settled down and our Behavior team learned that he was social and confident, but easily overexcited. Staff and volunteers looked out for and respected the clear signals Choco gave when he was done with a petting session.

A few months after Choco arrived, a couple came to HSSV looking for an adult cat. As soon as they met Choco, they told our adoption counselor that they were in love. Choco’s new home is nice and quiet, and his adopters are dedicated to giving him all the time he needs to settle in.

Choco with his incredible new family

We’re so happy we could help Choco fall in love with his amazing and understanding family.


Roxanne Gets a Fresh Start

Roxanne was scared when she arrived at HSSV. It was obvious the cattle dog mix had been through a lot, and she wasn’t sure she could trust people. She cowered if anyone moved too quickly and resisted being touched.

Our Animal Care and Behavior teams let Roxanne warm up to them at her own pace and helped her settle in. She began to show excitement when people she trusted came to take her for walks or bring her meals.

Over time, our staff learned that Roxanne LOVED to play fetch, was eager to work, and had a sweet personality. She was still shy around strangers, so our Behavior team continuously worked with Roxanne throughout her stay at HSSV to help her trust people again.

Six months after Roxanne arrived at our shelter, she won the heart of her adopter and went to her forever home. Our staff reached out to Roxanne’s adopters to see how she was doing and learned that Roxanne was settling in well and felt at ease in her new home. Her adopter gave her a new name, Lilo, to give the sweet pup the fresh start she deserved.

Lilo in her new home

Congratulations on your new life, Lilo! We’re so happy we could be part of your journey to your forever home.


Thank you to everyone who helps spread the word about our animals. Your support ensures that every animal that comes through our doors is able to find their perfect match at their own pace! To help us continue to save and support animals like Simon, Choco, and Lilo, make a gift today. And if you haven’t already, sign up for our eNewsletter to get stories like this delivered straight to your inbox!

6 Comments on “Finding Forever Homes”

  1. I volunteer at San Jose animal care shelter. What a great idea to post happy endings. I just found a home for a husky now living in Danville on a half acre property and two siblings/dogs. Happy you got that big donation.

  2. I love hearing Choco was adopted by a good family that could give him the environment he needed to thrive! We saw him when we adopted Luna (aka- Lucy). Love seeing those happy 🐾!

  3. After the loss of my wife of 43 years my home was just my two cats and me. When they passed away of very old age I returned to HSSV after each loss. Ivy was first, so Snowball, renamed Yennie, after my wife Linda, came home with me. Later Leo left me and HSSV just happen to have Walt. These two sleep together with me, eat together and play like crazy. They took to each other and the home I provide for them. They each have their very own daytime Sunshine sleeping spots, a choice of six indoor cat trees (all with windows). The only problem is my lap is small and both have a difficult time settling down in the evening when I set down to read. They’re both Troopers and make the best of my lap. I’m not sure who “saved” who, but I know just how very lost I would be without these two companions.

  4. I was pigpen now Choco and Lucy’s foster mom. It does my heart good to see him happy. He was such a good boy for the months I fostered him.

  5. Hi, Alexandra. My name is Angelica and I would like my baby’s story, Fiona, whom I adopted on July 24, 2016, it’s the Clear the shelter day, be featured on this blog. Fiona stayed with you guys for a while after being returned twice until I brought her home. Thank you.

  6. I cant no longer take care of my dog. What are the procedure to surrender an almost 2 yrs old husky spaniel male dog, neutered and vaccine updated.

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