From TikTok to Forever Homes

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On January 17, Jessie, an Animal Control Officer for a shelter in the Central Valley, posted a now-viral TikTok of a dog and her four puppies that she rescued from an empty orange orchard. With a stroke of luck, as soon as she called for the dogs, they ran towards her from across the field. After everything this family had gone through, they were still so sweet and curious about their new friend. Momma and her pups nervously wagged their tails as Jessie put two of them in their crates. It was a struggle at first, but she refused to give up. Jessi successfully caught each dog and brought them to the shelter. She was so happy to leave with all five and said the puppies were fast asleep during the car ride back. They knew they were in good hands.

Jessie began posting updates on the dogs’ progress in the shelter and one of her videos of the rescue reached over 400,000 people!

Less than a week later, our Rescue team brought back a large group of animals from one of our rescue partners in the Central Valley. Our foster care associate, Jessica, thought one of the dogs and her puppies looked familiar…sure enough, the newcomers were the same family she saw on TikTok! We gave this sweet family the care they needed, gave them some adorable names, and decided to show Jessie how well the mom and pups she had saved were now doing.

Both mama and puppies found amazing homes soon after. A big thanks to Jessie, Jessica, and everyone who provided this little family with a second chance.

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