Finding the Magic

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It’s no secret that we have some of the best dogs around. They’re all so different, special, and uniquely themselves. We caught up with dog volunteer Susannah Greenwood to find out her impressions of some of our favorite dogs. Watch the videos to see these incredible pups in action and hear Susannah’s honest reviews on each of them!


First up was Roxanne! A typical Cattledog, Susannah can’t get enough of Roxanne’s herding breed focus and dedication to her one special human.

“The focus is intense. I find that really exciting. A person with that kind of a dog and that kind of relationship with their dog – that’s kind of magical. You win the jackpot if you have a dog that is that into you and will work that hard for you.”

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Next up is Pecan, a sweet and energetic girl who has captured the hearts of so many of our staff and volunteers (including our President, Kurt Krukenberg!).

Says Susannah, “[Pecan] is a little chaotic but she’s a good dog and she could be a great dog. She’s lovely to watch. She’s really versatile and flexible and I think she’s gonna bond really well with a family. She’s really sweet and she’s gorgeous.”

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Among our dogs, Marigold stands out to Susannah for her sweet, sensitive nature. “I have a soft spot for the breed – the herders in general. I love that she has this kind of maternal instinct towards the things that she’s protecting. Given a little bit of time and a little bit of patience, she’s gonna really fit in well and she’s gonna be able to bond and protect her people.”

Says Susannah, “[Marigold] does have a joyful spirit. She is bright, and I think that that’s gonna shine the more comfortable she feels. ”

Learn more about Marigold, then come by to meet her during our normal adoption hours!

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The derpiest dog award goes to….Maverick! Susannah loves this dog for his insanely goofy personality. “He is so silly, it gives me joy just thinking about how derpy he is,” she says. “He finds the fun in everything – the smallest task, the smallest request, the smallest victory. It’s all great. It’s all fun.”

Maverick is more than ready to find the Husky people of his dreams. “He’s the poster child of his breed,” says Susannah. “He’s all the good things about a Husky.” Learn more about our goofiest boy, then come by during our normal adoption hours and ask to meet him!


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