Why Missing Clear the Shelters Is a Bad Idea

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Thinking of skipping this year’s Clear the Shelters event? We don’t suggest it. Unless, of course, you’re not a fan of amazing animals, being part of a community, and joy. Then you should definitely, definitely not come.

If you’re not Ebenezer Scrooge, and you do like those things, we hope to see you there! We’ll be celebrating Clear the Shelters all weekend (Saturday, August 17 & Sunday, August 18) with reduced adoption fees – $40 for all canines, $20 for kittens 6 months and younger, $10 for cats over 6 months, $0 for rabbits and pocket pets. We have three locations that will be chock full of adoptable pets, and they are just too good to miss.

Not enough reasons for you to visit? Sit back, relax, and enjoy this (brief) summary of a few faces you just shouldn’t miss.


If you’ve floated around our social media pages in the last few months, you’ve probably heard of Juno. Despite the fact that she loves dogs more than almost any other dog we’ve met, she continues to stick around. Juno likes to take it slow when meeting new humans, but she’s quick to make friends with dogs and loves to party hard with canines of all shapes and sizes. Interested in meeting Juno during this weekend’s festivities? Let us know!


Lovers of social, good lookin’ cats: look no further. With his brilliant white fur and charming personality, Pika-Boo is definitely your guy. This sweet boy is vision impaired and looking for a low-key household that can help him quickly get the lay of the land. Ready to feel his silky white fur? Adopt Pika-Boo for only $10 this weekend!

Lowrider Lou

If his name alone doesn’t make you smile, Lowrider Lou’s personality sure should. This sweet, easygoing boy is a cheerful sidekick who loves taking walks (and with those amazing turned-out feet, we love watching him walk. Win-win.). His heart of gold and short, stocky body are sure to win your heart right away. Come see him!


You know those friends that love to be up to date on everything you’re doing (but in a nice, supportive way)? That’s Alaina. She follows close to make sure she’s always in the know about current events, but never interferes with your goals. Alaina loves 2 things more than anything: 1) playing and 2) other friendly, social cats. Sound like a pal you need to meet? Hop to it!

Rainbow Marshmallow

Rainbow Marshmallow’s personality 100% matches her name. She’s full of glitter and rainbows, and has a soft, sweet side to match. For those of you looking for a tiny little friend to go everywhere with you, look no further. Rainbow Marshmallow is TINY. And adorbs. And more than ready to be someone’s lap dog. See her!

If it’s not apparent by now, this weekend will be hoppin’. We’ll have over 160 animals available to meet and take home with you. Need more inspiration? Cruise on over to our adoptable animals pages and start your planning. We hope to see you this weekend!

4 Comments on “Why Missing Clear the Shelters Is a Bad Idea”

  1. I’m coming to the Clear the Kennels on Saturday and very much want to adopt 2 puppies!! I had to put my 12 yo lab to sleep 4/2/19, and these past months have been the first times since I was away at college that I’ve not had a dog, I had my 1st puppy when I was 3 months old when my Daddy started breeding and showing Newfoundland’s. With the exception of one lab I bought, all my dogs have been ones I found in the streets of various cities in the Bay Area and Napa Valley where I grew up and live presently. I’m really looking forward to Saturday

  2. On 3/12/2018 we adopted a cat at the HSSV in PETCO West San Jose, 500 El Paseo de Saratoga. I have attached a copy of the Petco Adoption Form. Apparently, the cat was never registered so I am trying to register her now but I need the name of vet who performed the Spayed operation. Can you provide that?
    How can I send you a copy of the form?

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