Unrepentant Booger Cat Seeks Very Special Home.

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Oh Phil. Phil Phil Phil. What are we going to do with you?
I have no idea what you’re talking about. 
Don’t give us that face. You’re a booger and you know it.
phil going through tunnel
Phil is one of those cats that one special person is going to find and be like “I found the coolest, most ridiculous, awesome, hysterical, fantastic cat EVER!” and all of their friends are going respond with “What are you thinking??”
phil emerging to catch toy mouse
We need to find that special person. We need to find them like, yesterday. Because while we adore his antics there is waaaay too much Phil-ness bottled up in Phil for him to be comfortable in the confines of a shelter, even one as spacious and awesome as ours.
Plus he’s driving us all a little bonkers. He always wants to be all up in your business which makes the shelter even more frustrating for him as there’s not always someone available whose business he can be all up in.
Before we get into a full list of all of Phil’s transgressions, we’ll start with Phil’s biggest problem.
This is a toy.
cat toy
We sell these in our Whole Pets store. Cat LOVE them. Hint.
And this is a person.
stock photo of a lady saying hi
This is a stock photo of a person. We don’t know her but she seems nice.
Phil tends to get these things confused. Why? Because Phil lives to party. He loves to play – all the time…..
phil playing with toy
Toys, other cats, even dogs – he’s down to play. He’s more like a puppy than a cat. But Phil plays like a linebacker. So accidents happen. It’s a thing with him.
To wit, in the six months the little booger has been in shelters five accidents have happened. Several have been the result of Phil playing too hard and missing the toy and sinking his chompers into skin. One was the result of Phil not wanting his human playmate to leave and attaching himself to said playmate’s leg. If you look at the following gif very carefully we swear he’s either saying ‘oops’ or ‘what?’.
phil meowing
So why should someone adopt him? We have to admit that despite all of his transgressions we adore him. We adore his shoulder-riding, endlessly-chirping-and-chatting...
 trick-learning way. He’s basically a circus cat. We sometimes wonder how a cat that’s sooooo smart manages to do such dumb things. He’s been working hard on getting it together since he got here. In addition to learning some clicker tricks, he’s also learning to go to a time-out space when it looks like he’s getting confused on that whole toy/person thing. Don’t get us wrong – he’s got a ways to go but he’s working on it.
phil playing with toy
Plus he’s a cat. An eleven pound cat. He’s not a nuclear bomb or a potential threat to public safety. With a savvy owner he’ll be fine and provide some lucky owner with many years of hearty belly laughs, love and terrified house guests.
Still don’t know what you’re talking about. 
Phil is not for the faint of heart. He shouldn’t be around kids at all unless you’re not a huge fan of your kids. He really shouldn’t go to someone who hasn’t had a cat before. If you haven’t had a cat but you have had a particularly affectionate pet badger or hyena in the past, give us a call. You might be up to the challenge. If you have an active, friendly cat who really needs a buddy, Phil might be your guy.
If you feel like you can handle all the Phil-tastic-ness that is Phil, we’d love to hear from you. If you have questions, give Hannah or Kara a holler at 408.262.2133 ext 167/175. Or you can set up an appointment to meet him online.
Check out his full adoption video and see him in action with other kitties, dogs and some (brave) people.

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