The Happy Pooch Maker

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So here’s the thing.
We love happy pooches.
Like me?
Yes, Lila, you are the epitome of happy. We get a lot of happy dogs here – dogs who do great during their time with us, get adopted quickly, and go on to live happy, awesome lives.
I like this story.
Yep, it’s a pretty good story. But here’s the kicker.
Oh noes. Is this going to get sad?
Some of the dogs we see here aren’t as happy. Maybe they’re sick, or injured, or just need a little time to decompress.
Like me?
Like General. General came to us with a broken leg after being hit by a car. While his leg healed, we needed to keep him as quiet and still as possible. Luckily, some awesome peeps stepped up and offered to foster him. His leg healed, and he got tons of attention and mental exercise to keep him calm, happy, and occupied.
Moral of the story? General is now a happy pooch. And, as we mentioned, we like happy pooches. So there’s happy pooch #1.
There are also dogs like Baby Boo.
sad looking Boo
Baby Boo was not a fan of being here. People walked by her room constantly but didn’t stop to say hi to her, she was bored, and even though we did our best to get her out on adventures through our Doggy Day Out program, she was still finding it hard to adjust here.
Baby Boo
That was the old me. The new me is so awesome.
Cue to a few weeks of being in foster, and Baby Boo is a different dog. She’s more relaxed, her coat is nice and shiny, and she’s thrilled to meet new people. Happy pooch #2.
What about us?
Thanks for the reminder, puppy. We also get a lot of puppies around here. Many of them are too young to be adopted, and need a little time to grow big and strong. We’ve found that puppies are much happier pooches when they do their growing in homes with people around to play with the toys and scritch the ears. Happy pooch(es) #3.
So what’s this Happy Pooch Maker that helped all three of these cases turn those frowns upside down? Foster homes.
 I knew you were gonna say that. I’m pretty smart, huh?
You are, Lila. So that’s it. The secret to making happy pooches is having awesome people who step up and foster.
Want to be part of the happy pooch making? Sign up to foster. We’re holding orientations soon, where you’ll learn all about how to create happy, smiley pooches like General and Baby Boo.
Sound good? Cool, see ya soon.
We’ll leave you with this happy pooch as a thank you:

2 Comments on “The Happy Pooch Maker”

  1. We are in our 70s and are looking for a poodle mix (limited shedding – allergies). 15-25 pounds. We currently have a 15 year old cockapoo who weighs 20 pounds.
    No pit bull or chihuahua types.
    OK if 2-3 years old.

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