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noun: chi; plural noun: chis
1. a small dog, often with some physical similarities to a Chihuahua “Chi-mix”
    •  often lap-sized
    • may feel most comfortable in a small groups of dogs of similar-sized dogs
      “pack of Chis”
We see a lot of Chis around here. And while you might be thinking of hoards of small, tan Chihuahuas when you hear the word “Chis”, the term is actually a lot looser than that. “Chis” come in lots of colors, shapes and flavors. Some are a bit older (aged) than others, and some come on a bit stronger.
In other words, Chis are like cheese. And the pack of five Chis we’re especially enamored with right now is affectionately known as the “Chis Plate”.
Chi plate
This unique passel of Chis have a lot in common.
They came in from less-than-stellar situations, but with a lot of time (and cheese!!) they’re getting comfortable with new people and places.
And while each of the Chis Plate members have commonalities, they’re also very distinct. Need we say it again? Like cheese!
Blue Chi Dog
Bleu is the most outgoing of the bunch. People love him for his unique personality, his love of other dogs, and that big, happy smile. Like Bleu cheese, he’s versatile and great in lots of situations – playgroups? Check. One-on-one snuggle time? Check.
Havarti Chi Dog
Havarti, true to her name, is sweet to the core. She’s a lap-dog in the making, and loves nothing more than a good romp with her canine pals. Soft and sweet, Havarti is the one to meet.
Gouda Chi dog
Gouda takes her namesake seriously. Like the cheese she’s inspired after, Gouda is one popular girl. She’s the one every other dog wants to play with in the yard, and is the ringleader in any situation. Gouda is sort of like Regina George, minus the whole “mean girls” attitude.
Asiago Chi Dog
Asiago is the mama hen of the group. She looks after everyone, pays special attention to the ones who need it, and opens up when she’s with her pack. Sweet and caring, Asiago would love a tiny pup to look after.
Feta Chi Dog
Feta is the shyest of the bunch. Her affection has to be earned, but once you’ve entered her circle of friends, she loves you for life. Feta’s curiosity gets the better of her – she can’t help but investigate new people. With a little cheese and patience, Feta is becoming a happier girl.
Chi Plate
If you hadn’t considered a Chi before, we urge you to reconsider. Chis come in every variety – their personalities range from mild to sharp, sweet to salty. They would pair perfectly with your own dog. And they won’t disturb your lactose intolerance.
So go on, sample our Chis Plate. You know you want to.

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  1. Dear Laurie,

    This is Jessie, whom I spoke with you regarding the adoption of Willy, the small sized Shepard dog. I planned to make a visit at your Animal Humane Society center in Milpitas tomorrow. Hope to see you tomorrow.

    Please inform what is needed before I come, besides my driver license to prove of my home address. Here I have my cell phone contact number in case you need to reach me. Thank you. Can’t wait ….

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