Mission Impawsible

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It’s not every day you find a pair of cats in your ceiling! Or in this case… rafters! Gemma (orange & white) & Frannie (grey tabby) wanted a taste of the world outside of holding. Bored of the confines of their own space, they decided to make a break for it, but how?

After some searching, they found it. A perfect kitty-sized hole in the ceiling!

Almost like it was made for them (definitely not), Gemma & Frannie climbed through their super-secret hole to Narnia.

To their surprise, and after meeting a few dust bunnies along the way, the girls had made it to the rafters of the ACC!

Not much time passed until one of our employees caught Gemma catching some Z’s in our ceiling and the two escapees were quickly lured back to their place in holding with some delicious food.

The kitties returned to their rooms safely and to their detriment, their secret escape route was closed off. Looks like there will be no more escaping from Alcatraz.

5 Comments on “Mission Impawsible”

  1. My old cat Taffy would climb in the rafters in the garage and make it to by bedroom area and meow for me from the ceiling! This story made me think of her.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. This story was hilarious! 😀
    Cats and their antics and escapades never fail to amaze or amuse me! Good thing these two had “arresting” personalities, because now they are safely back in their cells in “Alcatraz”! 😉

  3. Wow-they really were curious & determined to see more of their world! I’m glad they were discovered
    and not left to fend for themselves or maybe get hurt. Cats-gotta love ’em!

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