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All month long, we’re joining Subaru to celebrate Make a Dog’s Day as part of their Subaru Loves Pets initiative. During the month of October, Subaru is helping shelters like us highlight “underdogs” – dogs who may take longer to find their perfect homes for one reason or another. Maybe they’re on the older side, or have some medical issues. Perhaps they’re a teensy bit naughty, or are very particularly about their wants and needs. Whatever the reason is, we’re here to shine the spotlight on these underdogs and find them the homes of their dreams!

So without further ado, let us introduce you to our very own underdogs (coincidentally, some of our *favorite* dogs available for adoption at the moment).


We’re gonna be up front with you. There’s nothing wrong with Jake. He loves everyone – men, women, children, other dogs. He’s sweet. Cuddly. Great on the leash. Fun. Playful. Obsessed with squeaky toys. Loves water. Do we need to go on?

This toddler put me in a bee costume and I don’t even mind. I’m the goodest boy and I love her.

So what’s holding Jake back? He’s a senior dude. You’d never know it by looking at him, but this fun-loving dude is 1o years old. Jake is proof that age is just a number, though – he’s in great health, still has lots of energy, and won’t let a silly thing like a decade get in the way of him enjoying anything and everything.

Learn more about Jake and then come in to meet him. He’s waiting.



¬†Callie is the epitome of a Shepherd. She’s wary of strangers (who isn’t?), protective over the people she loves (good girl), and bonds super hard with people once she’s given time to warm up. She’s gentle, calm, affectionate (but not pushy) and has amazing house manners.

Honestly, we think Callie is going to be the perfect companion if just given a little patience and some help overcoming her fears. In a quiet, low-key adult household, Callie has already shown she can thrive. And the good news? We’re here to help support her! Callie has two post-adoption training scholarships so that her people have the support they need to help Callie overcome her fears.

Ready to give Callie a chance? Sign up to make an appointment to meet this sweet girl.



It’s hard to imagine a sweeter girl than Olive. She’s our resident CKO (Chief Kissing Officer) and always keeps a smile on her face (she’s nothing if not perpetually optimistic). Belly rubs are her favorite, plush toys are her favorite, sleeping is her favorite, going on runs is her favorite…you get the idea. The girl just loves life.

So why is the sweetest, best-mannered, smiliest girl still with us? She’s not great with other dogs. Don’t get us wrong, she’s absolutely *nailing* ignoring dogs on walks thanks to a little bit of training (good girl, Olive), but she just gets waaaaay too excited when she’s allowed to play with them. For now, we think Olive should be the one and only dog while her peeps work with her on managing that overzealous energy. And the good news? You don’t have to work on it alone – Olive has a training scholarship so you can get alllll the support you need.

Olive is soaking up some much-needed TLC in a foster home right now, but you can (and should) still sign up to meet her. Wink wink. (Yeah, that’s an Olive joke).


These are just a few of our incredible underdogs. Check out the rest (or just check out allll our awesome animals) and make a dog’s day by coming by or signing up to meet one of our amazing underdogs. Big thanks to Subaru for supporting our fave shelter kids!


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  1. Would love to adopt an older golden retriever or a lab; one willing to work at getting along with our resident family cat, “washington”…

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