Kitten Bedlam Has Begun

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Have you ever been at the beach and one minute your towel is a good fifty feet from the water….
cat on a beach chair
We all want to be this cat.
And then you look up and your toes are soaked?
cat running on beach
The tide just rolls in so quickly you don’t see it happening? That, in a nutshell, is kitten season.
And the tide, dear friends, is upon us.
kittens sleeping
We are the tiiiiiiidddeee!
It starts innocently enough. The first kittens that filter in are usually the wee little ones. The weather is starting to warm and people are starting to find litters. Tiny little nuggets. Kittens that are one step beyond zygotes like these muffins rescued from a construction site by the most awesome construction workers ever..
And after it’s a few kittens a week, it’s a dozen kittens a week. And some of them are a bit older but most of them are still on the bottle or with their mama..
kitten drinking from milk bottle
Pour me another bottle, foster mom…
Then we’re up to the four or five dozen a week and some of them are eating, albeit not with fantastic manners…
Within weeks of the first little zygotes arriving at our door, we are in full-on kitten bedlam. Dozens of kittens of all ages arriving daily both from our community and from neighboring shelters that need our help.
I am bedlam. Adorable teeny little bedlam.
The bad news: Kitten bedlam has arrived. Our toes are submerged and our knees are rather damp, too.
This is my ‘I am wistful bedlam’ face. 
The good news? We’re really, really, really good at this. Like super good at it. We are way better at saving kittens than these little hissy-spitties are at scaring us away. Sorry guys, you’ll get food, love, care and socialization. We will not be deterred by your antics.
Seriously, we are amazing at saving kittens. Last year we saved over 2,000 kittens and we’re gearing up for another big year. Which is why we need your help. Don’t stop reading – we’ll show you another adorable kitten photo:
two kittens sleeping
Adorable zygote bedlam.
We need two things from you. Ready?
We need help with the kittens. We need foster homes for kittens of all ages, from the teensiest ones to the weaned-but-underaged babies. We especially need foster homes for moms with babies, which really are the easiest as Mom does all the work. We have five moms with babies coming in today alone from a shelter down south that doesn’t have the resources to have a foster program.
Can’t foster? We can always use supplies. These little guys are eating us out of house and home.
With your help we can help all these guys grow up to be the healthy, happy troublemakers that make all of our hearts go mew.

kittens playing with toy


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  1. I’m looking for a tiny kitty to adopt for an emotional animal…can I have info on them and what I have to do to obtain one

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