Myths and Truths About Puppyhood

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In honor of National Puppy Day, we thought we’d give a little insight to the realities of puppyhood. Are puppies downright adorable? Yes, so much so that it seems like it should be illegal to hold that much cuteness in one body. Are they tiny whirlwinds of pure havoc and chaos? No doubt. Read on and see if you can … Read More

Awesome Future Veterinarian in the Making!


This week we’re featuring a guest blog written by Arushi Saurabh, an awesome and compassionate kid who is well on her way to taking the world by storm. Arushi came to visit HSSV, and wrote all about what she learned about animal behavior! Arushi and one of our behavior specialists, Jessica “In December, I went to the Humane Society of … Read More

Naked Nuggets Descend in Droves!

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They came, regal and hairless, like a band of naked mole rats with only slightly more dignity. Excuse me? Dignity is my middle name.   This group of nude canines needed to make a point. Yes, tell them.   Their message? Bald is Beautiful.   Nailed it.    In all seriousness, these bare babes came from a hoarding case. We … Read More

The Most Interesting Dog in the World

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He could disarm you with his looks…or his paws. I call this my “blue steel.” He has inside jokes with complete strangers. The jokes! You’re killin’ me! I’m killin’ me!   He once ran a marathon because it was “on his way.”  What can I say? I’m an opportunist.   Marcel is the most interesting dog in the world.  He’s … Read More

The Official Sarah Armes Cute-O-Meter.

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This is Sarah. She works in our Development Department as a Campaign Manager. Ruth Vader Ginsburg. She usually doesn’t dress like this but, you know, Halloween was this week. So there you go. Yes, there we go. And make Halloween stay gone until next year.  Anyhoo, as you might have noticed we tell a lot of stories here at HSSV. … Read More

Test Drive Your Very Own Knucklehead!

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The ever-popular backseat-grinning model. Ladies and gentleman, have we got a deal for you. We’ve got all sorts of knuckleheads in all models, ages and colors for you to take home on lease. And it will cost you nothing! That’s right we said nothing, nada, zip. Totally free! We’ll even provide the food and medical care! Like this one right … Read More

Chis Make Great Pets. Cheese, Not So Much.

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We get a lot of chihuahuas and mixes. So many that they even have their own verbal shorthand: chis. Chi generally means anything small, usually tan and having some traits in common with a chihuahua, which constitute the majority of their lineage. As a group, chis and chi mixes dominate shelter populations in California. So we talk about them a … Read More

Even When You Lose, You Win: The Catch-It Challenge.

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Sometimes we all want things but maybe aren’t the best at getting what we want. As hoomans, it’s easy to get discouraged. We have one miss… Aaaaand we just quit trying. Dogs, however, are a totally different animal (obviously). They have one miss.. And realize that trying a) is fun and b) gets you a cookie. I got a lot … Read More

A Frosty Update To Wrap Up 2016.

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He likes coyote scat and walks in the desert. This view makes him happy. As do the holidays, Never has a dog been more willing to wear silly headgear.. though they can be exhausting. Post holiday derp-face. So can those walks in the desert, to be honest. Post coyote-scat investigation snooze. Which is why it’s good to have a sunroom … Read More

What A Difference A Day Makes.

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Could you watch this all day? We could. You might be asking what this is. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the face of pure, adulterated joy. Damp joy. Soaking wet joy. Exhausted joy. But joy none-the-less. What was the cause of this joy? A hose. Some squirrels. A hike. A car ride. Hours and hours of uninterrupted people time. For … Read More