Naked Nuggets Descend in Droves!

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They came, regal and hairless, like a band of naked mole rats with only slightly more dignity.
Skunk the dog
Excuse me? Dignity is my middle name.
This group of nude canines needed to make a point.
Yes, tell them.
Their message? Bald is Beautiful.
Giraffe shaved
Nailed it. 
In all seriousness, these bare babes came from a hoarding case. We took in 24 dogs – and a number of them were of the au naturel variety. And while these unclad muffins may be a little more sensitive to the cold than most kids, they’re super sweet.
You should see how well I rock a sweater. Seriously.
 They’re also extremely humble.
 Na na na na. Na na. Na na. Can’t touch this.
Okay, maybe not. But they are starting to make their way to the adoption floor, in all their bare-skinned glory. If you prefer dogs in the buff, come down and see us.
Giraffe bald
The things you do to get us adopted are ridiculous.
Like finding ten ways to say “hairless”? We know. You’re welcome.
P.S. If your idea of a “perfect dog” is one that’s a bit more concealed, we have those too. Just don’t tell these guys we told you that.
I heard that.
Sorry, Monkey.