Myths and Truths About Puppyhood

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dog smiling
In honor of National Puppy Day, we thought we’d give a little insight to the realities of puppyhood. Are puppies downright adorable? Yes, so much so that it seems like it should be illegal to hold that much cuteness in one body. Are they tiny whirlwinds of pure havoc and chaos? No doubt.
Read on and see if you can guess if each “fact” about puppies is a myth or truth!
#1: They will chew just about anything.
chewed carpet
The evidence of destruction.
Rugs, shoes, pant legs, your fingers, their tails. You name it – it’s going in their mouths. In puppy world, everything belongs to them. And it must be destroyed at all costs.
puppy looking sad
Don’t even try to look guilty now, pupper. We know who’s responsible for this one.
#2: They aren’t pottytrained.
 It’s okay, pupperoni. No one’s mad at you for peeing on the carpet. Again. Sigh.
100% Truth.
The nice way of putting it is that puppies are creative. In other words, they like to fingerpaint. The not-nice way of putting it is that seconds after taking them out to pee they will return to leave a present on the rug. That they will then step in. And then they will jump on you with those paws. And they do it all on purpose. (Probably.)
 #3: All they do is sleep and cuddle.
puppy playing tug of war
Must. Destroy. Toy.
Sleep is merely a mechanism for recharging their insane energy so that they can unleash it all on you when you least expect it. Beware of a sleeping puppy. It means that chaos is soon to follow.
(Although, in fairness, they do sleep a lot. And okay, it’s kind of adorable to watch.)
puppy sleeping with toy lamb
 Editor’s note: this lamb was later destroyed by puppy (obviously)
 If shoe-chewing, rug-peeing, frenzied forces of destruction sound like your cup of tea, you just might be ready for a puppy! But if that description sounds a bit like the worst nightmare you could imagine, we have a solution: adult dogs!
I’m housetrained, don’t chew toys, and use my energy appropriately. Yep, basically a dreamboat.
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