The Official Sarah Armes Cute-O-Meter.

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This is Sarah. She works in our Development Department as a Campaign Manager.

Sarah as Darth Vader

Ruth Vader Ginsburg.

She usually doesn’t dress like this but, you know, Halloween was this week. So there you in costume
Yes, there we go. And make Halloween stay gone until next year. 
Anyhoo, as you might have noticed we tell a lot of stories here at HSSV. We tell stories about our amazing animals.
cat with one eye
Yes, I am winking at you. Because I’m that cool.
Stories about our amazing staff and volunteers.
cat sitting on Glen's belly
Glen who, in addition to his million other duties, is The Human Cat Bed.
And stories about our awesome adopters.
dog cuddling with adopter
Thanks for the new hoomans, HSSV.
But how do we pick what stories to tell? Well, the HSSV staff is pretty awesome about telling us their stories….
Suarez in a Christmas sweater
Yes Suarez. We’re looking at you. And not just because we love posting this sweater pic.
And when staff does tell us stories, they’re recorded in a big repository that’s just for stories. Think of it as a story box, if you will.
puppies in a box
Not an actual story of photo repository. But that is a box.
At which point we go through the story box and as we need stories – for newsletters, for the blog, for everything – we pull them out. So what does any of this have to do with Sarah?
Peanut and toy
I stick my tongue out when I’m thinking hard. 
Sarah is one of the gatekeepers for The Story Box. Every other week she sifts through all of the stories staff has put in the story box and decides which ones go where.
cats with bucket
We went everywhere. Because look at us.
At some point in developing the story process, we discovered the Sarah-Armes-Cute-O-Meter.
I think I actually achieved melt status.
While stories aren’t picked based on cute, Sarah does make some pretty amazing faces when looking at pics of our animals. So amazing we actually had to document them and share them with you. This is the ‘It’s So Fluffy I’m Going To Die’ face.
Sarah making "awh" face
Don’t eat your fingers, Sarah. We need you to answer your emails.
Which was probably made in reaction to some little nugget like this.
Fluffy nugget
Okay, now we’re all eating our fingers. 
The ‘I Cannot Stand It, If I Keep Looking I Will Chew Off The Insides Of My Cheeks’ Face…
Sarah making another awh face
Does she still have fingers? Can someone check?
Which happens a lot with little muffins like Onyx..
Onxy with dog mascot
Okay Onyx. Stop it right now. We’re ALL eating our cheeks.
 The ‘It Is So Cute I Need To Hunt It Down And Smoosh It Face’…
Sarah making aw face
Still in the dark on the fingers? So are we.
This one kind of scares us because Sarah gets all hunched over and grabs her neck like she’s choking. We don’t know whether to give her the Heimlich or just hand her someone like this and let her moosh cheeks until it passes.
Fiona and two tennis balls
Don’t worry Fiona – the good news is it’s hard to moosh if she doesn’t have fingers.
And finally there is the pinnacle, the ultimate, the Holy Grail of the Sarah-Armes-Cute-O-Meter, the infamous
Sarah making aw face
Pretty sure the fingers are gone.
‘I Might Actually Melt It Is So Adorable’ Face. This one has a long recovery time. It usually takes a good ten minutes and possibly a strong dose of kitten to get her over this.
kittens in tiny outfits
Quick – grab the kittens in little sweaters! Now!
So what have we learned from this week’s blog?
1) Sarah makes amazing faces.
2) All cute photo jokes aside, Sarah does work really hard and we have the most amazing, dedicated staff ever.
3) Even people who work around our animals all day are still susceptible to their charms.
4) We honestly do have the best, cutest, sweetest pets in the world here so you should make sure to adopt them.