Boogie Nights at HSSV

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Remember our Kitty Karnival a few weeks ago? Our older kittens and adult cats misheard it as “Kiddie Karnival” and felt a bit left out.
Azusa the cat
What about me? Did you forget about me?
Their solution? Throw their own party.
It’s our turn now. Gimme that thing.
And because nothing gets a cat going more than flashing lights on a wall, they decided the party should be disco-themed.
photoshopped cat dancing
It’s Caturday Night Fever, baby. 
So what’s the deal with older kittens and cats? Why all the fuss?
Here’s the deal: we’ll admit, tiny kittens are adorable.
Thank you for noticing. You are so right.
But they’re also destructo-machines, shredding extraordinaires, and masters of all things chaotic. And to be honest, older kittens are just as adorable, and come with a fraction of the insanity. Case in point:
cat licking nose
Mind if I take a little nibble out of this sparkly shoe?
Somehow, though, they often get overlooked in the midst of kitten season (aka, the warmer months in the year when we’re overflowing with those tiny, meowing beasts). They’re a little bit bigger, sure, but they’re also a little bit less curtain-climby (we said a “little” less. We make no promises about the future of your curtains. Or your shoelaces.)
And don’t even get us started on the fate of cats during kitten season. Overlooked is an understatement, despite the fact that we have a zillion wonderful, well-mannered, non-shoelace chewing cats ready for adoption.
Jasmine and Magnolia kittens
So should I just wait for these horrible, tiny tyrants to make their way outta here?
Not at all. Because we have a case to make.
First, older kittens are pretty awesome. Like Wellington, whose ear tufts are giving us a case of the swoons.
What, little ol’ me? I’m flattered, really.
And while he still gets a case of the kitten-wiggles every now and then, it’s nothing compared to a kitten a third his age.
Or Buddy, who has a case of wonky eye but couldn’t be more charming if he tried.
Buddy with "wonky" eye
I’m more into that whole “inner beauty” thing anyway.
Sure, he loves to play, but he’s starting to get the hang of the whole “attack toys, not hands” thing.
Then there are the adults. There are cats like Lilli, who, as far as we can tell, is the perfect cat wrapped up in a beautiful package.
Not to brag, but you’re right – I am pretty gorgeous. 
She wouldn’t dream of scratching up your new duvet cover, and is offended that you even had to ask.
If you’re into more of a napping partner, there’s Pumpkin, whose entire goal in life is to find the most comfortable spot to rest his head for a while. And by “a while”, we mean 10 hours straight.
Please, people, I’m busy. Can we do this later?
Your furniture is safe with him, although he may take it over as his new resting spot. But rest assured, it will remain intact.
The point is, we’re chock-full of these amazing felines. And to sweeten the deal, we’ve lowered the adoption fees of all felines 12 weeks and older to only $20 during the week.
Great news. Let’s boogie.
Why only on weekdays, you ask? Because we consider these guys “mood-boosters”, and there’s no better time for a little pick-me-up than during a weekday in the summer.
So get your platforms out. Pull on those bell bottoms. Do yourself a favor, and give in to the Caturday Night Fever.
See you this afternoon.

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