An Open Letter To The Person Who Left Us These Kittens

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First of all, all of the babies were fine. Did you raise them? Did you find them? If you raised them, you did a good job. They were all healthy, well-fed, and well-socialized.
kitten being cradled
Good babies.
But it certainly did give our medical receptionist a start when she found them in a box on our front door when she came in to open our Medical Center that morning.
Maybe you were working a weird schedule. Maybe you were¬†intimidated or scared and brought them in that early to avoid talking to someone. If that’s the case, please don’t be. We’re not judgemental. We understand that things happen. And we understand you could have left these little babies by a side of a road or given them away in front of a store but you didn’t. You went out of your way to get them to a safe place. We respect that and want to help you.
kitten being rubbed on stomach
Tummy babies.
If you still have Mom or another cat that gets pregnant, please know we have programs to help you and keep this from happening again. Our PUP Program can fix mama for free and return her to you while we find good homes for the babies. From the condition of the kittens, someone takes good care of mama. Someone cares about her.
kittens playing with toy
Playful babies.
If she is your cat and she’s not pregnant, please give us a call anyway. We’d love to help you get her spayed. We have free spay/neuter for a bunch of zip codes. If you’re not in those zip codes, we have super low cost spay and neuter. We want to help.
If they weren’t yours and you found them, know that we have staff here all the time for lost and found pets. There’s a bell next to our receiving door that you can ring and the night staff will come up to direct you. You don’t have to leave them outside. Our staff is super kind.
Your kittens are doing just fine. They were a little spooked at first..
kitten peering over another kitten
But now they’re relaxing and getting cuddles. They’ve been checked by a vet and gotten fixed and they’ll be looking for new homes soon.
kitten playing with toy
Cuddled baby.
We realize some folks will read this and immediately judge you. We wish they wouldn’t. You took care of those babies. You got them to safety. We don’t know you or your circumstances. Judging you or making assumptions doesn’t help. It doesn’t encourage other folks in similar situations to reach out. If anything, it discourages folks who need help from getting it. No one wants to be judged or treated cruelly when they’re trying to do the right thing.
Most folks don’t know that cats can get pregnant as young as four months. They don’t know what to do if they find a litter of kittens. But you tried. And we applaud you for that.
Your kittens will be fine. And if we can help you, please let us know. It’s what we’re here for.
two kittens
Safe babies.
If you had absolutely nothing to do with these guys but you want to help, thank you! We could use you! We desperately need more kitten foster homes. And, of course, we need forever homes for all the kittens that are flooding in. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for promotions.

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