A Special Delivery from Oklahoma

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An important part of our mission is being there to help other shelters when they need it most. Whether it’s an organization in our own backyard, or a shelter states away, we are dedicated to helping shelters and their animals in need whenever we can, wherever they are.

Last week, we were asked to be a part of a very special transport to help a shelter in need. A shelter in Tulsa, Oklahoma needed assistance with finding homes for a large number of dogs and puppies. Several shelters in the Bay Area, including HSSV, raised their hands to help by taking in as many dogs and puppies as possible.

On Monday, a private plane provided by BISSELL Pet Foundation landed at the Hayward airport with more than 100 dogs and puppies.

We took in 16 of the dogs, which included a mama dog and her 6 puppies and 4 dogs with Heartworm who would need extra medical care. All the dogs and puppies will be spayed/neutered, have their vaccinations updated, and receive any medical care they need before being placed up for adoption to find their new homes.

We are so grateful for our community. Your support allows us to say “yes” to animals in need and give them amazing care before finding them the perfect homes. HUGE thank you to those who donate, adopt, volunteer, and foster. We could not do what we do without you!

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2 Comments on “A Special Delivery from Oklahoma”

  1. We adopted “Wishbone” about a year and a half ago. We have always had at least two dogs, believing most dogs, especially chihuahuas, need a four legged friend. Our semi-elderly Kaylee had recently lost her best friend, who just happened to be of the feline persuasion.(we are not very choosy, but this time we feel that a smallish youngster would be best, especially since we might have a choice this time) I have volunteered and occasionally even received pay a time or two in Tennessee, back in the dark ages. I was trained at Valley Humane Society by Dr. Sue Marshall, a truly angelic veterinarian who was taken from us much too early. I was her apprentice, since we had a little more leeway working out of a truly tiny shelter that could only house cats. Long, long time ago I learned every thing a fully trained vet tech would learn. We travelled to Portland to learn about their early age spa/neuter program, for adoption animal. We also established a feral cat program, which wasn’t well received. That was truly a struggle. So from that respect. Any dog that becomes our family will be well cared for. We looked during the first year Covid, but diamonds were easier to find, so we have bided our time waiting for that magic moment.
    As for care, we have a six foot fence, but we always go out with Wishbone, as we have raccoons, owls, and hawks, so we take turns and never leave them alone. Our dogs are truly our family, even sleeping with us at night. Wishbone(Cora) missed out on puppy classes thanks to Covid. We are hoping we can find youngster that we can have classes together. Our dogs go everywhere with us, including sailing(complete with certified life preservers. Since we are in our mid 60’s, we have made arrangements with our daughter or son.(we raised them right)Our grandson’s first two words were Kaylee, and gentle. You won’t find many homes with our qualifications. You noticed I didn’t get overly particular with breed, just spunky, mostly house-trained, and friendly to all, or at least well on their way. I can mention a few that seem nice, but we aren’t overly partic

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