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This isn’t our usual kind of blog but this hasn’t been a usual kind of week, either. It seems important, after the news of the past week, to remember how overwhelmingly much good there is out there.
So we have some really good news for you today: people are awesome. People are awesome and wonderful in big ways and small ways every single day. With so much sadness going on, we wanted to showcase ‘good’. We wanted to call out some heroes. We want you to share in our joy that amazing people exist and are out there quietly making miracles happen every single day.
Frank and rat
This is Frank. If you’ve interacted with us in any way, you’re probably within two degrees of separation from Frank and his wife Sue. They get around. If you’ve stopped by the front desk, he might have been the kind gentleman who answered your question. If your kids went to our education programs, he and Sue might have been the ones giving them a tour, answering questions with endless patience and kindness.
Frank and rat in pocket
If you’ve been to our Petco West San Jose Neighborhood Adoption Center, you might have encountered Frank and Sue there, too. Our pocket pets – the hammies, the weet-weet piggies and snuffling, affectionate rats – have a special place in Frank and Sue’s hearts. You can usually find Frank walking around with a fuzzy head poking out of his shirt pocket or Sue with a rat on her lap. These wee little pets can easily be the most overlooked and underrepresented kids we have and Frank and Sue make a special point of introducing people to them. Because that’s what heroes do. They look out for the little guys.
Guinea Pig
Superhero movies are great but we don’t need Batman or Superman. We don’t because we have Frank and Sue and so very, very many more. How lucky are we? How great and beautiful and wonderful is our community?
We leave you this week with a quote from Mr. Rogers. Thank you, Frank and Sue, for being helpers.
Frank Rogers quote

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