A Long Road for a Sweet Kitten

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When the tiny kitten was brought to our medical center, she came with a traumatic backstory. Her and her sister had been found on the side of the road by an extremely caring man. Their mom had been hit by a car and passed away. Opal, as the kitten would be named, had an injury to her front right leg that was so severe that the broken bone and tendons were visible.

Despite her serious injuries, Opal was extremely friendly. She purred throughout her medical exam and headbutted the veterinary technician that cleaned the wound. Opal’s wound was then covered in honey, a natural antiseptic that provides a layer of protection for injuries and helps speed up the healing process. The leg was then placed in a strong bandage to keep it stable and clean.

Because Opal’s wound was so deep and extensive, she needed daily bandage changes those first few days. The process was stressful and somewhat painful. Our medical team gave her lots of treats to help with the process, but it was still overwhelming to the sweet kitten. Every day, though, Opal greeted the medical team with rolls, purrs, and headbutts. She never gave up her endearing spirit.

Finally, after nearly two weeks of daily bandage changes, the wound had closed enough that Opal was able to go to a foster home and return for only weekly medical check-ups and bandage changes. It was a huge relief. She was receiving excellent care at the shelter, but a foster home would mean she could get more attention and time devoted just to her and her recovery.

Opal was sent to foster with one of our medical assistants, Julia, who was able to monitor Opal’s recovery closely and report back to our medical team. Julia was thrilled to find out what a friendly, social, and outgoing kitten Opal was. Socially, she was thriving in Julia’s home.

Her fractures were more extensive than we originally thought, though. She wasn’t using her front limb to walk or run, and wouldn’t lay on the side that was injured. Because of the location and severity of the break, Opal would need the leg removed to make her comfortable and pain-free.

The surgery went smoothly, and Opal recovered very quickly afterwards. Julia and our medical team were so relieved that the sweet kitten was finally feeling better.

Once Opal was ready to move on and find her forever home, we called the nice person that had originally found her and her sister on the side of the road all those weeks ago. He had decided to adopt the sister weeks ago, and now that Opal was pain-free, he wanted to adopt her as well so the two sisters could be reunited and stay together forever.

We are so grateful that we were able to provide a safe, healing place for Opal, all thanks to the amazing generosity and support from our community. To help us continue to care for special animals in need of care like Opal, please donate today.

9 Comments on “A Long Road for a Sweet Kitten”

  1. wow! what a heart warming story and so glad the person stopped in the first place and in the second place adopted both kittens!

  2. What a story about this sweet kitten. Wish she could have healed from her injury and walked normally. So thankful for her care and going to the same home as her sister! Bless her always.

  3. So thankful for the many thoughtful and caring good Samaritans that bring light to our world. God bless everyone involved in saving and nurturing these sweet kittens – you rock!

  4. It is a blessing that this world has people who have the wonderful heart to help animals in need. God bless you all. I feel so happy to be part of the donors and I encourage you to donate money for this lovely furry friends.

  5. What a beautiful and tear jerking story. As a community, we are so thankful and grateful and extremely blessed to have such loving hearts to care for gods furry cuddle bugs. It’s great opal found a loving home, along with her sister. Please keep us posted.

    It’s a beautiful story to share as well as we approach Easter.

    Many blessings to the medical staff and Julia as well as the family of their new forever loving home.

  6. What a story, what a sweet little kitty. Sorry she had to lose her leg, but so happy she is with her sissy in her furever home!! ❤

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