A Few Big Thank Yous

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We need to take a minute to say something.
Is it about me? What is it?
A few weeks ago, we celebrated Clear the Shelters. It was 3 days of reduced fee adoptions that resulted in 171 adoptions, lots of smiles, and many, many happy endings.
This was the moment at the end of the 3-day weekend when an adorable family decided to take home our bonded pair, Flaco and Estrella. We were thrilled.
A few of our long-time favorites found their perfect matches, including Prudence, a shy and somewhat picky older cat who found the perfect cat-savvy family to love her for all her quirks.
Prudence the cat
Who you callin’ picky?
And Lucy, who wasn’t loving her time here, but very much loves her new parents.
They’re pretty much the bees knees.
So our first thank you goes out to our adopters – thanks to you, lots of animals are happy in their forever homes. We can’t thank you enough for choosing to adopt and being part of our lifesaving mission. Our adopters are the BEST.
Our next thank you goes out to our volunteers. We mentioned that Clear the Shelters was incredible – 3 whole days, hundreds of people coming in to find their new best friends, adoptions galore. It was also a ton of work, work that we couldn’t have done without the help of our amazing volunteers. Amazing volunteers, this big thank you is for you.
Our volunteers are also amazing at bringing our shy babies out of their shells.
We could talk all day about how awesome Clear the Shelters was – lots of our favorite animals were adopted, happy families were smiling ear to ear as they brought their new family members home. But one of our favorite things about the weekend is that it freed up space and resources for us to help others.
Lake County Rescue team and van

The day after Clear the Shelters, we headed out to a couple of our partner shelters to lend a hand. We brought back more than 50 animals from shelters that were full to the brim with dogs and cats.


Some of those animals needed some time to heal – from injuries, illnesses, or just the stress of being moved around. They went to foster homes, where they could rest in a safe, quiet space until they were ready to find their new homes. So our third big thank you needs to go to our fosters, who allow us to save animals in need and give them the TLC they deserve. You are the BEST.

Adorbs puppy picture just because.

We’ve said it before, but it’s always worth repeating: lifesaving takes a village. And we are lucky to have the very best, most compassionate village ever.

Thank you – whether you adopted, volunteered, fostered, donated, or just helped us spread the word – we are grateful for you.

2 Comments on “A Few Big Thank Yous”

  1. Oh, I love this new web site! So easy to navigate. I answer calls in intake and I have a feeling I better bring a good book because I’m sure I won’t be getting the calls saying, “I can’t find it on your web site!” Thank you to all the staff who put this together.

    Love you guys!

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