25 Million? OVER 25 Million! Mutual Rescue™ Takes Over The Internet.

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If every dog gets their day, a lot of dogs (and cats) will be getting theirs very, very soon. Because Eric and Peety and Mutual Rescue™ have inspired a nation. People are looking at shelter pets in a totally different way.


Us? They’re looking at us?

Do we need to brag a bit?

Yes, yes we do.

So on Valentine’s Day, we launched a short film about amazing adopter Eric O’Grey and the huge difference his dog Peety made in his life. Have you not seen it? You need to see it. 

Some of our awesome friends like Dr. Andy Roark, Oskar the Blind Cat, BarkPost, Dogly and SF Gate posted it too.  And something amazing happened. Not only did the US go crazy….


This is not the last reference to Omaha you will see in this blog.

But the rest of the world did as well.


Eric and Peety in Chinese.

Thus far the video has been viewed over 25 million times.

What is 25 million?

  • ·      It is the combined populations of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas and San Jose. You can even throw in Omaha, too.
  • ·      Or, to look at it globally, it’s as if the entire population of Australia watched it. And every single person in The Bahamas and Belize joined them.


Sorry Bahamas. We couldn’t find a graphic that had all three flags in it.

It’s been shared over 550,000 times.

By contrast, A TMZ video about Beyonce renting a mansion for the Superbowl had 370,00 views and 178 shares.


Sorry Bey. We love you.

550,000, so you know, is more than the entire population Dresden, Germany. Which is funny because Germany has shown the video a lot of love.


As has Chile.


Peru, Brazil and Argentina have checked in, too!

Poland had the video on TV.


And it’s been translated into Thai.


Chuck Norris – THIS Chuck Norris –

chuck norris

We were a little afraid to post a Chuck Norris meme. Because…he’s Chuck Norris. 

even wrote a blog about Eric and Peety. The chief export of Chuck Norris might be pain, but the man has a big heart for animals. Thanks Chuck!

So what does this tell us?



 Eric is awesome – which we already knew.

Shelter pets are awesome, which is another thing we already knew.

When you save animals, you save people, too which (again) we already knew.


We know EVERYTHING. Because we’re real smart. Even if we poop in shoes. Because we’re puppies.

That this love and gratitude for what animals contribute to our lives is universal. It crosses all boundaries.

Which makes us feel pretty awesome about humanity.

puppy being kissed

Galahad, like all of us, finds amazing photog Jackie pretty awesome, too.

To submit your own story of Mutual Rescue™ go here.

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