Hi, I'm Archie. You saved my life!

Archie, a three-year-old, sweet and energetic boy, first came to HSSV as a stray with a limp due to an injury to his hip. Our Medical Team assessed the injury and found that he would need Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO) surgery on his left hip, which would remove the bone-on-bone contact that was causing him pain. Luckily for Archie, our skilled Medical Team was able to successfully complete the surgery so that he could live a pain-free life.

After his surgery, Archie was well cared for by our compassionate Animal Care team. His recovery went smoothly, and he was often in good spirits, wagging his tail and walking well with encouragement from staff and volunteers.

A few weeks after his surgery, Archie was placed in a foster home to help improve his mobility by engaging in physical play with other dogs. Archie was the biggest love bug and the apple of his foster’s eye! Even though he was still on the road to full recovery, nothing could dampen his spirits.

Though Archie was easily excitable at the shelter, he was calm and well-mannered in his foster home. He befriended the resident dogs in a snap and was quickly accepted by the pack. He smothered his people with kisses and amused everyone by showing off his uber-smart tricks!

Archie was soon adopted by a wonderful family that fell in love with him immediately! They were fully invested in helping him continue his training and exercise to regain perfect mobility. As part of his adoption, we set up Archie with complimentary training to ensure he’s on the best path to success! Archie is now living his best life, snuggling in his owners’ arms and making new canine buddies in his neighborhood.

Donors like you make it possible for animals like Archie to receive the care they need and get a second chance at a happy life. Thank you for making these incredible stories possible for the animals in our care.

Hello, I'm Tuna. Thanks for saving my life!

When a local shelter reached out to us and asked us to take in a cat with multiple limb fractures, we were able to jump in right away. Tuna, a one-year-old kitty, would need surgery to repair the fractures. She had come to the right place.

Despite the odds she had faced, Tuna was a friendly and affectionate girl, purring, making biscuits, and rolling over for scratches! Our expert Medical Team surgically repaired her fractures and, she was placed in an experienced foster home to recover and be monitored in a safe environment.

Over the next few weeks, Tuna visited our Medical Center regularly for check-ups. She was making great progress and our Medical Team was thrilled at how well she was healing. During her visits, she would shower the staff with affection and loved being cradled by her foster mom. Tuna was hitting all the right milestones and was on the road to full recovery!

After a few more weeks of recovery, Tuna was walking comfortably, and it was time for her to find her forever home.

Our Adoptions Team found a great family that was committed to giving Tuna a new life in a loving home. Donors like you enable us to engage in crucial rescue work and provide immediate medical care to animals in need. We can’t thank you enough for your unwavering support!