Hi, I'm Bethany! Thank you for saving my life.

Sweet little Bethany arrived at HSSV with her littermates as a nine-week-old puppy. The puppy had broken both her hind legs, likely several weeks ago and possibly required corrective surgery. She needed to stay safe and be carefully monitored in a loving foster home to prevent further damage to her legs. Our Medical team began treating Bethany for pain while our Foster team worked towards finding her an experienced foster.

Bethany spent nearly a month in a foster home, winning hearts very quickly with her wrinkly, endearing, puffed-up face and ever-so-sweet demeanor! She started gaining better mobility as she healed in her foster home and worked on her social skills with other animals.

When Bethany returned to the shelter in a few weeks for follow-up consultation and radiographs, the shelter staff had their fingers crossed. Much to everyone’s surprise, it turned out she was nothing short of a medical miracle! Thanks to the amazing care she received from her foster parent, Bethany’s hind legs had healed well all on their own, and she no longer needed corrective surgery to live her best life.

Bethany had also started developing cherry eye that was getting bigger by the day. While our veterinarians performed routine spay surgery, they also fixed her cherry eye. Bethany was ready for adoption a lot sooner than anticipated. She waited for days on the adoption floor to find the perfect home for her exciting journey ahead. After all, Bethany was a special puppy who fought her way through plenty of hurdles, that too with the spirit of a true champ!

She found a perfect family that was moved by how she braved the odds, and they fell head over heels in love with her lovable, squishy face. Much to our delight, they took Bethany home right in time for the holidays, where she continues to bring great joy to their lives.