The Ron Swanson of HSSV

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Ever met someone that’s a little…standoffish at first?
Ron Swanson
That’s Whiskey. He doesn’t tend to make a great first impression.
Whiskey growling
He can be grumpy, and would prefer not to be bothered with your petty issues.
Ron Swanson
But he does have a softer side.
After a while, he starts to open up – in his way, of course.
Ron Swanson
He reserves his best side for his very favorite people.
If you haven’t guessed already, Whiskey is basically Ron Swanson. He’s rough around the edges, takes a while to consider you a friend instead of a “work acquaintance,” but can be a big ol’ softie for those he loves.
Ron Swanson friendship
Whiskey is looking for the Leslie to his Ron, the person that can make him say semi-mooshy things and share personal details (like his birthday or address). Come hate on skim milk and frozen yogurt with him. And don’t forget to bring the breakfast food.
Ron Swanson wanting more food