Lex Finds a Friend – and His Confidence

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Just a week after the statewide shelter-in-place mandate was announced due to COVID-19 concerns, many parts of Humane Society Silicon Valley looked quite different than usual. Our public-facing programs and services were suspended, and many of our animals were moving out of the shelter into foster homes. But one thing hadn’t changed – continuing to support our rescue partners and saving animals.

One of our rescue partners in the Central Valley reached out requesting help for a group of dogs with medical concerns that needed immediate attention. Luckily, we have lots of foster families who are more than ready to welcome new dogs into their homes, so we were able to take in these dogs and treat their medical needs.

One dog in this special group was Lex, a small tan mixed breed. Not only was he extremely timid and shy, Lex was underweight, had a foxtail embedded deep in his ear, and was clearly in pain. Our medical staff was able to remove the foxtail, clean it up, and start him on antibiotics to counteract any infection. Then it was time to find him an experience foster home to help build his confidence.

Lex was paired with amazing foster parents who have an equally amazing dog, Marcel. Marcel was their foster a few years ago before he decided to become a permanent member of the family. Although Lex was initially intimidated by 80-pound Marcel, it wasn’t long before he started following the patient, sweet giant around the house. He began cuddling with Marcel and stayed by his side all day and night. After a week, Lex and Marcel began to play, and Marcel let Lex win every time.

Just three weeks later, Lex was a different dog.

He was happy, bouncy, and confident – especially with his big buddy by his side. His ear completely recovered, he put on weight, and he started to explore new things on his own. He was ready to find his forever home. And Lex had Marcel to thank for showing him his true potential.

After just a few days on our adoption floor, Lex was adopted through our new virtual adoptions process. We are so incredibly grateful for our amazing community who are stepping up every day to donate, foster, or adopt. YOU help us care for animals like Lex during this challenging time. Thank you!

Donate to our ongoing lifesaving efforts to help us save and care for animals just like Lex!

10 Comments on “Lex Finds a Friend – and His Confidence”

  1. Lex looks and sounds great. Therapy is a great tool in healing both humans and pets. He would be a great companion for me if he is still available. Thanks

  2. Love these two! Thank you for the great write up! Sweet little Lex grew into such a brave pup! We are so proud of him!

  3. That’s amazing what patience and a little love and work does for these animals. God bless the fosters. That would be hard to nurse them back to health, see them thrive, then have to let them go.

  4. Having a bad day….This story turns it around completely. Time to take my my guy Zack on his noon walk after we give the donkey his noon carrots!

  5. My son is autistic boy . We found out when he was 2 years of old . Now he is 24 and still lonely . He was graduated HS 6 years ago and is studying piano at Ohlone, Fremont ,CA . He is very very need a friend , truly friend play with him , when mom and dad are so tired from work He wants a small dog walking with him in Elizabeth Lake . He promises to take good care his adopt friend . Thanks.

  6. Hi I would like to get that dog ,I just lost my dog about a month ago and we know we’re feeling the loneliness and we have a small dog she’s 9 pounds, but nine years old and she’s so good .so if you could reply to me I really would appreciate it .I really have medical issues and I want to see if I can get the dog .it would help me out extremely thank you my number is 408-218-1429 have a good day.Joe

    1. Hi there! This dog has already been adopted. For more information on our adoption process, please visit hssv.org/adopt

  7. I am very interested in adopting a small dog. My dog, Tootsie, a shih tzu, was l5 years old and passed away a few months ago. I would like a puppy, if possible. I am also looking for a beagle. Please keep me in mind. It does’t necessarily have to be a puppy. But a young dog would be good too.

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