A Big Blog: A Rundown On A Big Week And A Big, Big Ask.


We need to ask you for some favors right now. Before we do, we’ll explain why we need them. Just follow us here for a second.
This is Tiffanie. Tiffanie, though you wouldn’t know it to look at her, is having a pretty rough week.
Tiffanie and heart toy
I still like cookies, though. So that’s something.
On Saturday morning, she was in New Orleans. She flew up here on an airlift with a bunch of other dogs. The nice folks at a New Orleans shelter were transferring most of the adoptable animals out  so they could house dogs from the recent hurricanes. While six of the airlifted dogs came to us, Tiffanie, her sister and a whole mess of other pets went to our friends at Petaluma Animal Services. This was on Saturday. The kids were pretty happy to get here.
dog jumping with HSSV team arriving
I am so happy to meet you I must bounce.
On Sunday the world fell apart for many of our California neighbors. As wildfires devastated the North Bay and Napa regions, space was needed in the shelters there. Our transfer van went to Petaluma and picked up fourteen dogs, including Tiffanie and several others who had just arrived from the south.
team in Petaluma with dogs
Note the color of the sky in Petaluma. Smoke
This might have been the end of Tiffanie’s bad week (she’s safely ensconced in a foster home now and not planning any more travel) it was just the beginning of a terrible week for so many more of our neighbors in the north. As the fires continued to rage, we received calls from Marin and Rohnert Park shelters. They were also trying to clear out adoptable pets to make room for the animals coming in from the fire. On 6 PM on Wednesday night we sent out an urgent call for foster homes. Because you guys rock we were crowded with foster folks within two hours. This time it wasn’t just dogs. Senior kitty Joseph, happy to be away from the smoke, was on the transport.
Siamese cat
It’s been a long day. Do you have treats?
As was outgoing Luke, who has already made new friends in his foster home.
Luke being pet by kid
Thank you tiny hooman. I could use a massage
All told, Wednesday we took in eleven dogs, twenty one cats and two guinea pigs.
As the situation develops, we’re in touch with shelters in the affected areas and are ready to offer more assistance if need be.
Now let’s get to the bit where you can help:
Mahina and toy
Mahina shows off her ‘who me? face. Yes, you guys.
All of the animals we’ve taken, both from the fires and the storms, were available for adoption before catastrophe struck. They all have been waiting for forever homes. They have all been through an amazing ordeal and a lot of changes.
They need forever homes. They need a life to settle into so they can start again.
Bow tie dog
Even before I got to California, I had been waiting a long time for a home. 
If you have ever thought of adopting, this is the time to do it. Adopting an animal, even one that didn’t come from the fires or the hurricanes, benefits way more than just that animal.
  • It frees up adoption space for the ones waiting in foster.
  • It frees up a foster home for someone else needing to come in.
  • It offers solace and comfort to the other shelters and individuals who worked so very hard to get these animals out of harm’s way.

If you can’t adopt, tell all of your friends. Tell your lonely aunt – she’d love a big mellow cat like Valerie.
Valerie cat collage
She likes TV, I like TV…
Tell your jogging neighbor who could use a big handsome bubba like this guy.
Lab with perked ear
Did I hear running?
Tell everyone. The stars are aligned. The universe has spoken, This is the best possible time to adopt. Right now.  Please.
Thank you.
For more information on our response to the fires and how to help, look here.
Again, a massive, enormous thank you to our donors, volunteers, fosters and staff who pulled together and made everything that has happened this week possible. You are heroes. Every single one of you.
Waiting fosters
This was our lobby at 10 PM on Wednesday when the transfers rolled in.