The Krazy Kitten Karnival is Here

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The kittens have gone WILD.
They heard it was summer, and decided to set up their own Kitty Karnival to celebrate. And they haven’t stopped going nuts ever since.
kiss me cat booth
We didn’t do anything! We’re perfect angels. See, look at my face.
But you did, kitten. You’ve been wreaking havoc on us. Jumping in the ball pit. Destroying the kissing booth. Massacring the stuffed prize toys. And just generally doing all kinds of crazy kitten-like things.
And now we only have one option.
kiss me cat booth
Uh oh. Is this that “nuclear option” we’ve been hearing so much about? Are we old enough to know what that is?
Our only option left is to impose these crazy cats on the unsuspecting public.
That’s right. We’re inflicting adorable photos of kittens playing, sleeping, and generally being unreasonably cute so that we can tug on heartstrings.
playpen with kittens
Look at us being so tiny and cute while we play with all these new fun things.
Why would we inflict these horrible images of tiny, adorbs kittens on innocent humans? To convince you all to take one, obviously. Or better yet – take two! They’re small.
To up the ante, we even have a little extra incentive.
No, not this video (although it is almost painful to watch. The cuteness factor is high. Painfully, painfully high).
It’s a Petco National Adoption Weekend. This weekend only, all cats and kittens are only $20 to adopt.
Plus, spin the magical spinning wheel for a chance to win even more discounts on your new furry baby’s adoption fee.
(Go ahead, spin it. You won’t look silly. All the cool kids are doing it.)
Did our tactics work? Great. We’ll see you this weekend.
And so will these insane kittens.
Best of luck to you.

One Comment on “The Krazy Kitten Karnival is Here”

  1. Very cute kittens. Playing each other. Having a lot of fun. I’m sure they have a good heart. And being healthy to other. People. Like you. To take care. Of animals. They need. Help. Especially for. People. Are more lonely. My kids. And would love to have. A wonderful pair. And good heart.

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