5 Steps to (Virtual) Adoption

*New adoption appointment sign ups are temporarily paused for those interested in meeting cats or dogs.

We have several hundred people on our appointment waitlist who will be scheduled in the coming weeks to meet the animals we currently have available.

We anticipate reopening the form for dogs in early June – please check back for updates. Thank you for your patience!*

In response to concerns around COVID-19 and current social distancing rules, our adoptions process is now virtual, with pick-up of your new pet by appointment only. This new adoption process is in place for the safety of our staff and customers. Follow our 5 easy steps to bring home a new pet to keep you company during this challenging time!

1. Sign up for a virtual appointment to meet rabbits or pocket pets. An adoption counselor will contact you via email or phone to set up your video appointment time.

Sign up for an appointment to (virtually) meet rabbits or pocket pets:

Sign up

2. Meet your match(es)! During your virtual video appointment, you’ll get to “meet” up to 3 animals you’re interested in and learn more about them.

3. Let the experts help you! If you’re ready to adopt, an adoption counselor will walk you through more information on how to set your new pet up for success, and help you complete all paperwork and payment digitally.

4. Let’s go home, buddy! At the end of your virtual appointment, your adoption counselor will set a time for you to come pick up your pet at our Milpitas Animal Community Center (no later than the next business day). All animals must leave on a leash and collar or in a secure carrier. It’s required that you wear a mask when you come to pick up your new buddy.

5. Send us pics! We would love to see photos of your new pet settling into your home.

Boom! You’ve just given a cat, dog, rabbit, or pocket pet a home. Good for you, now go and get your cuddles on.

Adoption Fees

*Please note that we are not allowing holds while our virtual adoption process is in place.*

 SingleEach additionalHold Fee**
6+ Club for Felines$75$75$35
Garden Cats$10$10NA
Guinea Pig$30$10$15

** Hold fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and are not applied to adoption fees.

Ongoing Special Adoption Fees

When you adopt a mother cat, you can also take home one of her kittens at no additional cost. Mom and baby will keep each other company, and mom will continue to mentor her kitten in all ways cat.

Make an impact for an animal in need

Did you know that you can sponsor the adoption fees for a needy animal? Heather and Matt Robbins adopted Abby from HSSV, and regularly come to our Milpitas Animal Community Center to sponsor the care and adoptions for animals that need it most.

Benefits Of A HSSV Adoption

Starting with excellent matchmaking services from our adoption counselors, an HSSV adoption includes:

  1. Spay/Neuter surgery
  2. All necessary vaccines appropriate for the animal’s age and routine deworming
  3. Cats are tested for FeLV and FIV, kittens are tested for FeLV
  4. Home Again Microchip with life-time registration
  5. Sponsored veterinary visit and select aftercare discount through one of our partners
  6. Expert tips on pet care and training, including free behavior advice for the lifetime of the animal from a behavior specialist
  7. Post Adoption advice as your new pet adjusts to the home
  8. All our animals have been examined by veterinary staff and received a behavior assessment

The Cost Comparison Of Adopted Animal Vs. A “Free Pet”

A free pet may seem like a great deal, but pet care costs add up quickly. For a better value, adopt from Humane Society Silicon Valley, where adoptions include a full array of services to keep your new companion safe and healthy.

Adoption Locations

Meet adoptable animals at any of our locations! To see the animals available at each location or in foster homes, visit the links below:

Milpitas Animal Community Center | Petco West San Jose Neighborhood Adoption Center | Petco Sunnyvale Neighborhood Adoption Center | Animals Available in Foster

Happy Tails

Garfield and Ginger

Garfield and Ginger were adopted from HSSV a few years ago, but when their owner passed away, they found themselves back in our care. They had been together their whole lives, and we wanted to find them a new home where they could stay together. A few months ago, Garfield and Ginger found an amazing home! Their new owners report that they are very happy and loved ❤️

Adopt a Cat

Chuck was a long-termer here at HSSV, but recently celebrated his one-year adoptiversary in his forever home. “Bringing Chuck into our lives has truly been the best thing we have done! Chuck enriches our lives beyond our wildest expectations!” his new family told us. In the last year, his family has worked hard on some of his leash reactivity issues and he’s even started to make some new dog friends.

Adopt a Dog

Leon, one of our feisty garden cats, took a while to find his home. He wasn’t a typical garden cat – he loved to be outdoors, but also enjoyed human affection on his terms. Leon was adopted and is already settling in great with his new family. He hasn’t forgotten his feisty ways, but his family is already figuring out when he’s had enough. We’re so happy for you, Leon!

Adopt a Garden Cat

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