Scrub Wearing Human Tornadoes Skip Lunch, Save Lives.

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As far as abandonment go it was an innocuous one. Instead of a pet, two forlorn sandwiches sat forgotten on the lunch table. Besides them two containers of soup were rapidly cooling. Meanwhile, back in cat triage, this was happening: You guessed correctly – it was a kitten.  Kitten. Or to be more accurate, about 34 of them. Some strays, … Read More

The Kitten That Almost Wasn’t.

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This is Britney. She’s named after Britney Spears. More on that later. Can you get the laser pointer out now? I’m bored. She’s friendly, outgoing, a laser pointer addict – a pretty awesome kitten. Sure, she dances a bit when she walks but it’s not a big deal. And no, it’s not why she’s named after Britney Spears. Kitten does … Read More

The Difficult Process of Kitten Building


Kittens are cute, right? Bask in our ridiculous adorableness.  Adorable. Fluffy. So playful. Unfortunately we have to burst the kitten bubble. We have to tell you honestly: they don’t start out that way. We don’t want to say that they start out homely but… We’re sure he has a great personality.  An enormous amount of work goes into building the … Read More

Guess Who Just Erased Your Quarterly Report? The Magic Mojo of Rachel’s Desk.

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This is Rachel. Hi Rachel. This is actually ‘Fancy Rachel’. She doesn’t usually dress like this, nor does she usually stand in front of fishbowls full of money. That was just for our yearly gala. Rachel is our Development Manager. She works with corporate volunteer groups*, organizes events and does about a million other things. Mostly she does things from … Read More

The Newest Craze: Kitten Rental. All The Cool Kids Are Doing It!

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Why Kitten Rental? 1) Because SOMETHING in the bay area should be affordable to rent. Unlike Air B n’B, we promise our kittens won’t drink that bottle of wine you were saving… You want $4,000 for a 150 square foot ‘studio’? Why does that look so much like a broom closet? What do you mean parking and bathroom facilities aren’t … Read More

Kittens Are From Hell.

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Kitten season is upon us. As veritable tsunamis of the tiny fuzzies are washing up on our adoption floor, it’s very easy for potential adopters to overlook our amazing adult cats. We know kittens are so tiny, so adorable, so innocent looking. We know that makes it hard to remember that kittens are also instruments of mass destruction. Will they … Read More