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Giving up an animal is a difficult decision and HSSV has many programs to help keep your pet in your home. We're here to help you through the process!

If you are considering surrender, we ask that you exhaust options before starting the surrender process. Not sure what your options are? We can help! Call us at 408-262-2133 x110 for free support.

If you are still in need of surrendering your pet after reviewing all of your options, we may be able to help. Please be aware that shelter space at HSSV is extremely limited due to a high volume of requests to help animals in our neighboring shelters, and a large number of pet owners needing to surrender their animals. Please anticipate that it make take up to several weeks for your pet to come into our adoption program.

In order to have the greatest impact on our local community, HSSV does not accept surrendered animals from outside Santa Clara County. Please check our listings of other local organizations.

Step 1: Forms and Proof of Current Vaccinations

In order to start the surrender process, please fill out a Pet Surrender Application form and send it back to us along with proof of your pet’s current vaccinations. Cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies are required to be current on vaccines prior to being approved to come into our program. Vaccines are available at our Medical Center on a walk-in basis and no appointment is necessary for vaccinating your pet. Dogs should be current on their DA2PP "combo," Bordetella, and Rabies vaccinations. Cats should be current on their FVRCP "combo" and their Rabies vaccinations. There are no vaccine requirements for rabbits or pocket pets.

To begin the surrender process, download your Pet Owner Surrender Application here:

Please return your completed pet owner surrender application and proof of vaccines via email to, via fax to 408-262-2131, or you may drop it off in person at our Animal Community Center (ACC) Pet Surrender Lobby located at 901 Ames Ave. in Milpitas.

Step 2: Information Gathering

Once we’ve received your Pet Owner Surrender Application and proof of vaccines we will contact you to discuss your pet’s behavior and health history in detail and ask any questions we may have about your pet. For animals with a history of illness, injury or special medical needs, we will want to know who your pet’s veterinarian is so we can call to request any pertinent records.

HSSV requires in-person evaluations of all animals prior to approving them for intake. If you have submitted your Surrender Application and vaccination records, when we call to review the information with you, we will schedule a time for an in-person evaluation.

Our goal at HSSV is to make the transition from home to shelter as stress-free as possible. Depending on your animals’ particular needs, we may request that you return for additional sessions before surrendering your pet so that they are as comfortable as possible with their new surroundings.

Step 3: Surrender Fees & Intake

After we have reviewed all of the information from your Pet Owner Surrender Application, medical and vaccination records and in-person evaluation we will be able to let you know whether or not your pet has been approved to enter our adoption program depending on available shelter space, we may take your pet in on the same day as the in-person evaluation or ask you to come back at a later date when space in available. Surrender fees are collected at the time of the intake to help provide for your pet while in the care of HSSV.

Surrender Fees

  • Dog or Cat: $160-230
  • Rabbit: $70
  • Guinea Pig: $0 - Fee currently sponsored by a donor
  • Rodent: $0 - Fee currently sponsored by a donor


Your surrender fees provide your pet with:

  • 24-hour shelter care
  • Spay/neuter (if applicable)
  • Two meals per day
  • Fresh bedding and toys
  • Medical assessment and care
  • Flea Treatment
  • De-worming
  • Behavior Assessment
  • Lots of TLC, socialization, training and love
  • Adoption marketing
  • Adoption match-making
  • Post-adoption support

When space is available, we will contact you to make an appointment to bring your pet in for intake into the shelter. Cats, rabbits, and pocket pets must be in carriers and dogs must be on-leash when you bring them in for their intake appointment.

"Moving day" can be stressful for both humans and animals. To help comfort your pet while s/he is adjusting to our shelter environment, you are highly encouraged to bring your pet’s unwashed favorite bed, blanket and/or toy. Donations of kennels, carriers, and other pet supplies are also greatly appreciated and are tax deductible.

To help your pet make a good first impression and attract the attention of a potential adopter, we recommend you have your animal bathed and/or groomed before your appointment. A shiny coat, trimmed nails and a new haircut can not only help pets feel better, it can help them get adopted faster!

Step 4: In the Shelter

Once in the shelter, all animals receive both a health and behavior assessment to determine their needs both in the shelter and in a new home. Admission into HSSV is not a guarantee that your animal will go up for adoption, however, if they do not meet our health or safety requirements then every attempt is made to find the animal a home either through one of HSSV's rescue group or shelter partners.

If your animal is not a candidate for our adoption programs and cannot be placed with another organization due to either medical or behavioral issues, you may choose to be notified. To find out more about your post-surrender options, please talk with our Intake team.

HSSV does not place any time limits on an animal's stay with our organization once it is made available for adoption! Provided the animal stays mentally and physically sound and safe, animals will be available for adoption until a new home is found, even if that takes days, weeks, or months.

Step 5: Adoption!

HSSV has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience matching people with pets. When a potential adopter is interested in one of our animals, we take our time getting to know them and letting them get to know the animals before deciding to take home a new companion. Once a match is made, HSSV is here for life to support both the new pet and his/her adopter. We offer post-adoption support, dog training courses, veterinary referrals, adjustment tips and lots more.

Because HSSV is a safety net for animals at risk of euthanasia in local shelters, space may be limited for owner surrendered pets at any given time. While we may not be able to take your pet into our adoption program immediately, we are here to provide support, referrals, and rehoming advice, or additional resources that may help you keep your pet. Please call us 408-262-2133 x110 or email to find out how we can help.