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Humane Society Silicon Valley Presents Puppy Socials, where there’s a party for every puppy! Join us each week for trainer-supervised playtime where puppies learn important play skills through socialization.


Join Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) for some trainer-supervised fun! Your puppy will learn important play skills and bite inhibition that they can take with them into their adult lives, as well as exposure to environmental stimulus to help build confidence, assist in development and prevent fearful behavior in adulthood!

Puppies are in a critical stage of development between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 months old. They need LOTS of exposure to all the things they may come into contact with in their lives. During this age range they are able to take in lots of new experiences, sights, sounds and accept them with some level of ease. Meet new people and dogs, they are naturally curious and often very friendly. After about 5 – 6 months old puppies aren’t as open to new experiences and aren’t as willing to try new things. If they haven’t been sufficiently exposed to different experiences at a young age they may be frightened by people they don’t know, or dogs they haven’t met. New sounds or everyday objects may frighten them. We will help you start that exposure in a safe controlled environment. Learn more about the importance of early puppy socialization from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.

Puppy Socials at HSSV

Fee: $10 cash at the door. No registration necessary.
Space is limited, late arrivals may not be admitted. Please arrive on time. First come first served.

Where: Humane Society Silicon Valley Training Room, 901 Ames Ave, Milpitas, CA


  • Sundays
    • 10 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.
      First timers attending HSSV puppy socials ARE REQUIRED to attend at this time. Please continue to attend at this time if your puppy is still a bit shy or fearful of new settings, people and other dogs.
    • 11 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.
      For our more playful, outgoing dogs! These dogs are ready to party and don't mind a noisy crowd. These socials get a little wild so if your puppy is still on the shy side please attend at 10 a.m.!


  • Puppy must be 18 weeks or under to attend first social and up to date on vaccinations.
  • Please BRING Vaccination records.
  • Please arrive early! Doors open 15 mins before social starts for newcomers.
  • Puppy Socials start promptly at designated times (doors closed and locked). Late comers may not be admitted. Space is limited.
  • Puppy Socials may not be held due to holidays or other HSSV events. Please check the event calendar to ensure that puppy socials are being held the day you plan to attend.

What to Expect

Is your puppy a . . .

  • Party Animal: Some puppies are more outgoing than others and like to dive right on paws and mouth first! We like to make sure these puppies are paired up together to ensure they aren’t too overwhelming to other puppies 
  • Wall Flower/Tiny Dancer: Some puppies may need a little time to warm up, or may just be a little too small for the big party animals and we wouldn’t want them to accidentally get hurt during play time. 

During your first social we will help determine what group your puppy best fits into so that we can help pair your puppy with the right playmates! Your puppy may start out as a wallflower and turn into a party animal after a few weeks! If not, that's totally OK too, some pups prefer to stay on the sidelines and observe.

*Please note: First timers attending HSSV puppy socials ARE REQUIRED to attend the 10am puppy social.

We will also work on introductions to new objects, sights and sounds in a fun and safe environment so that your puppy can gain confidence. Owners will learn how to introduce puppies to new things slowly and how to read body language to help determine when and how to best push our puppies to try new things! This will help your puppies to grow into confident adult dogs!

Puppy Social Requirements 

Puppies must be 8 – 18 weeks of age OR currently enrolled in a Humane Society Silicon Valley's Beginning Puppy Training Class when they attend their first social.

Puppies may continue to attend past 18 weeks, as long as they remain social and maintain regular attendance (based on trainer discretion)

Bring vaccination records with you to your first social. Puppies must have age appropriate vaccinations at all times! Puppies over 18 weeks require Rabies & Bordetella Vaccinations in addition to all DHPP vaccinations.

Puppies without vaccination records will not be admitted. We are unable to access records for puppies adopted from HSSV. You must bring copies of your pup’s vaccination records with you.

First timers attending HSSV puppy socials ARE REQUIRED to attend at the 10am puppy social.

Puppy Socials are not a place to work on behavioral issues such as resource guarding, aggression, etc.. This is intended to be a safe place for socialization of friendly pups. Trainers are qualified to and reserve the right to excuse any puppy from the social for any reason.

What to Bring

  • Vaccination Records
  • Your puppy on a flat buckle or clip collar (no harnesses, metal, slip collars for play)
  • 4-6 foot leash (no retractable leashes)
  • Lots of treats cut up very small
  • Water for your pup (and a bowl if possible)


Please email or call 408-262-2133 x352.