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Adopting a four-legged friend is stress-free at Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV). Our staff will match you with the perfect paw pal. Visit one of our four adoption centers any day of the week. You can contact our adoption staff via email or by calling 408-262-2133 x150. Hurry in to any of our adoptions centers!

See all the furry friends waiting for you!

Steps to Adoption Success | Garden Cat Adoption Program | Foster Dogs | Adoption Benefits | Adoption Fees | Adoption Specials & Promotions | Dog Training Discounts

Steps to Adoption Success

Looking for a new pet to add to your family is exciting. The adoption experience is made simple by our staff. We are here to help you understand the process, meet the animals, and finalize your adoption. Here’s how your easy adventure in animal adoption will look.

  1. Visit us! Stop by one of our locations or search our listing of adoptable animals. The pet you want is in foster care, you say? Not a problem! We will contact the pet’s foster parent to take next steps.
  2. Meet your future friend! We have some sweet setups for you to get to know your new paw pal.
  3. Let the experts help you! Our adoption specialists will share their insights about the animal you’re interested in taking home with you.
  4. Let’s go home, buddy! Start off on the right paw. We’ll review all the health and behavior info, like vaccines and training with you. Most of our animals can be taken home on the same day of adoption, but we’ll make sure those who need additional procedures, like spay/neuter surgery, get taken care of based on our evaluations.
  5. Access additional resources to help you start out on the right paw with your new family member!

Boom! You’ve just given a cat, dog, rabbit, or pocket pet a home. Good for you, now go and get your cuddles on.

Garden Cats

HSSV’s Garden Cat Adoption Program is made for the non-traditional cat. These felines are looking for a home in settings such as a barn, warehouse, corporate campus, or plant nursery. In exchange for room, board and meals, these working cats benefit their humans by keeping rodents away! Learn more about our garden cats, requirements for housing, transition, and ongoing care.

Foster Dogs

Our foster care program has so many great adoptable dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens just waiting to go home with you. These animals stay with dedicated HSSV volunteers. To meet a pet you’re interested in or for more information, fill out an Adoption Survey. Check out our weekly adoption showcase featuring our foster dogs every Saturday from noon until 2 p.m. at HSSV’s Animal Community Center (ACC) in Milpitas.

Adoption Benefits, Fees, Specials, and Promotions

HSSV is an independent, nonprofit organization. The fees for adopting animals allow us provide medical care, food, and shelter the animals in our care. Be sure to read over what’s included in your adoption fee, our on-going adoption specials, and training discounts for adopters! Community-wide adoption promotions can be found at WeCARE project.

Benefits of a HSSV Adoption

Starting with excellent matchmaking services from our adoption specialists, an HSSV adoption includes:

  1. Spay/Neuter surgery
  2. All necessary vaccines appropriate for the animal's age and routine deworming
  3. Cats and kittens are tested for FeLV
  4. Home Again Microchip with life-time registration
  5. Sponsored veterinary visit and select aftercare discount through one of our partners
  6. Expert tips on pet care and training, including free behavior advice for the lifetime of the animal from a behavior specialist
  7. Post Adoption advice as your new pet adjusts to the home
  8. All our animals have been examined by a veterinarian and assessed for temperament

Adoption Fees: The Cost Comparison Of Adopted Animal vs. A “Free Pet”

A free pet may seem like a great deal, but pet care costs add up quickly. For a better value, adopt from Humane Society Silicon Valley, where adoptions include a full array of services to keep your new companion safe and healthy.

Adoption Fees Schedule



Each additional

Hold Fee**













6+ Club












Guinea Pig




Hamster or Rat




** Hold fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and are not applied to adoption fees.

On-Going Adoption Specials and Promotions

Mommy & Me Pricing

When you adopt a mother cat, you can also take home one of her kittens at no additional cost. Mom and baby will keep each other company, and Mom will continue to mentor her kitten in all ways cat.

60+ Discount

At HSSV, we believe that more mature pets make wonderful pets. Adopters age 60+ can receive half price adoption fees when adopting cats and dogs 6 years or more or rabbits 4 years or older.

Veterans Discount 

In honor of vets and their pets, Military personnel receive half off adoption fees. Identification is required at the time of adoption, please contact us for details.

Dog Training Discounts and Deposits

Once you’ve adopted, get your new pal trained by the best. HSSV offers reasonably priced training classes, workshops and seminars for people and their pets. We believe training should be helpful, fun and informative in order to enhance the relationship between you and your pet! This is especially true when starting a new relationship. Find out more about our dog-training program.

Get more information about adoption essentials, benefits, fees, specials, and promotions at HSSV. We’ve got you covered.