Mango’s Second Chance

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Mango had clearly been through something unimaginable. Our veterinarians suspected he had been hit by a car. His front leg was hanging down at an odd angle and dragging. The muscle had atrophied and he didn’t appear to be able to feel the leg at all. His mouth and jaw had clearly been affected as well. Mango’s whole jaw had been fractured and shifted to the left, several teeth were broken, and others were damaging the inside of his mouth because of the misalignment of his jaw.

Despite the obvious trauma Mango had suffered, his life was about to look a whole lot brighter.

We first heard about Mango when our Rescue Coordinator Matthew was at one of our partner shelters in the Central Valley. He was there to pick up a large group of cats and kittens when the shelter staff alerted him about a badly injured cat that had just come in and needed medical attention. Mango left with Matthew that day, and arrived at HSSV a few hours later where our Medical Team was waiting to urgently examine him and get him started on pain medication. After his exam, our staff made Mango as comfortable as possible for the night and encouraged him to eat a little.

Because Mango’s leg was in such bad shape and had been for at least some time, our Medical Team knew that the only option was to amputate it. They performed the surgery successfully, and now it was time for Mango to recover and get used to his new life on three legs.

Just days after Mango’s surgery, his demeanor had already improved for the better. No longer was he a nervous, quiet cat – instead, he was rolling over and begging our Medical Team for attention when they visited him to check on his healing leg. They were pleased to see how much Mango had improved by removing one of the sources of pain and discomfort for him.

Mango’s recovery continued smoothly, and soon it was time to address the damage to his mouth and jaw. The fracture in his jaw had happened so long ago that surgery was no longer an option, but the team was able to remove the painful teeth that were damaging the inside of his mouth. Almost immediately after surgery, it was obvious how much better Mango felt. His appetite increased considerably, his energy perked up, and he was charming all the staff and volunteers he came in contact with.

Once the Medical Team was satisfied that Mango had recovered from his series of surgeries, it was time for him to find his new home. We wondered if Mango’s physical differences and history would impact his chances of being adopted quickly, but we didn’t need to worry. His friendly, sweet personality attracted his new family to him almost immediately. They saw what a special cat he was right away, and he left HSSV as a much different cat than the one that had first arrived.

Thanks to an incredible community of supporters, we were able to be there for Mango when he needed help the most. To help us continue to save and support animals like Mango, make a gift today. And if you haven’t already, sign up for our eNewsletter to get stories like this delivered straight to your inbox!

11 Comments on “Mango’s Second Chance”

  1. All animals are GODS creations and deserve to be protected and loved! They give us unconditional love which not even all humans can give! Animals do not kill for no reason like humans do. They only attack or kill if they are threatened, abused or starving! Humans will abuse, torture and kill animals for entertainment, food, clothing, fake medicine, trinkets, etc. Humans are the worst of all the species! We must protect all animals at any and all costs, whatever it takes!

  2. Mango is a beautiful cat way beyond his injuries! Thank you to a caring veterinary staff for improving his life and to the family who adopted him and will give him lots more love!

  3. What an incredible and loving story about Mango! Amazing HSSV medical team and staff gave all the love, care and attention for such a lovely beautiful cutie! Thank you for such an amazing family give her a beautiful life ! Mango, enjoy and have a great time with your love ones! We love you!

  4. Wow. What a incredible story and so glad i signed up for the auto donation every month. I don’t have much but if everyone gave $50 a month just think how many Mango stories could be written. almost brought me to tears reading the story and it fills my heart that I’m giving every month for the incredible staff to work such miracles. These animals are Gods creations as we are and giving then the same respect and care when in need is so beautiful.

  5. This is a happy and sad story at the same time. So glad that at least someone brought this sweet cat to the shelter in the valley and that he could get some help. So sad to think how often this happens to animals. Planning to leave $$$ in our wills for rescue and care of more animals like Mango. Thank you HSSV.

  6. Abuse of any kind on a animal is cruel and the person or people that are sick enough to do this should be held accountable for the torture they should receive the maximum prison sentence that’s just my opinion

  7. I m glad mango has new home and thank you for family give mango new like.
    I can’t support monthly donations but I can make a gift today

  8. We need more stories like this is our lives, instead of the traumatizing, demoralizing things that are in the news every day. The people who work at HSSV and all shelters like it are the best examples of humanity on this planet.
    Animals bring out the best in people, if they let them, and are the reason my life has been so full and enriched. My animals are my children, they give and have given more to me than I could ever repay. Donating is a no brainer, and I wish more people would remember the shelters around them in their wills.
    I’m sure Mango will experience a special bond and love with his new family, and HSSV is responsible for bringing that joy into the hearts of that family. Bravo.

  9. I live at 60 N 3rd Street San Jose CA and this apartment building has a policy to NOT feed the outdoor cats. There was a mother cat living out back with 4 kittens. She was starving so she pushed one kitten out and refused to nurse it. I tried feeding it but it died: starved to death. It was out back crying for food. I have pictures.
    (650)810-3305 It was horrible to watch.

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