Jeff Knopow was a dog-magnet. “He loved dogs, and dogs LOVED him,” his wife, Cathy Kong, remembers. And he had an especially soft spot for those with special needs or extensive medical issues. Like so many of our donors, after giving to HSSV for years Jeff felt deeply connected to both our important mission and to our community of animal-lovers.

Sadly, Jeff lost his longtime battle with cancer, but he still lives on here at HSSV by thoughtfully planning for our future. How? He included HSSV as a 20% beneficiary of his IRA resulting in a six-figure gift.  By simply naming HSSV as a beneficiary in his retirement account, which can take just 5 minutes, Jeff left a meaningful legacy going forward: he enabled us to rescue, rehabilitate, and find homes for hundreds of dogs in need, while at the same time forever impacting the lives of those who adopted them.

If you would like to know more about the ease and simplicity of making a gift through a beneficiary designation, please contact Bridget Keenan at 408.942.3006 or, or contact your IRA administrator.