Puppy Playtime in The Office

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  Puppy incoming!

Here at HSSV, it’s not uncommon for employees to take care of puppies in their cubicles. Avery was recovering from a fractured pelvis and hip alone in her room. A group from our Development team stepped up to the plate and took her in. Her temporary caretakers had a blast looking out for her during the time she was there and the feeling was definitely mutual.

(Here’s her cuddling with one of her new friends)

Despite Avery’s condition, it’s still important that every animal in the shelter is socialized, especially during such a developmental part of their lives. Puppies like Avery benefit from socialization because it helps them become better acclimated to new situations and more confident as they grow up. You could definitely see her confidence shining through as she got more and more comfortable with the team.

Avery was a total love bug with everyone. All she wanted to do was cuddle, snack, and play. She had a huge appetite for snacks, especially frozen peanut butter Kong.

It’s moments like these that help create a huge impact in each animal’s life as we prepare them to be adopted into their forever-homes.

Thank you to our friends over in Development who kept her comfortable in the office and helped make recovery a more positive experience for her!

Enjoy some more gems from Avery’s office photo-op!


3 Comments on “Puppy Playtime in The Office”

  1. Has Avery been adopted yet? I don’t see her ID number and want to know if she is still looking for her forever home?

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