Laylee’s Incredible Transformation

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Laylee’s life was about to change. But in that moment, she didn’t know it yet.

All she knew was that she was in pain, itchy, and looking for reassurance. She had just arrived at Humane Society Silicon Valley from a shelter in the Central Valley. It had been a long drive, and Laylee was feeling uncomfortable in her scabbed, swollen skin.

As our staff gently unloaded Laylee from our rescue van, they could scarcely believe their eyes. She had almost no hair on her entire body, and was covered in deep crusts. Her feet were completely swollen and appeared painful to walk on. Even our highly experienced medical staff thought it was one of the worst cases of demodicosis, a skin condition caused by mites, they had seen in a long time.

Laylee was immediately started on several antibiotics to heal the skin infection, reduce the inflammation, and overall help her start feeling more comfortable. She would require weekly medicated baths and lots of TLC to start looking and feeling like herself again.

Laylee stayed onsite during the first few days of her treatment so that her progress could be examined by our medical staff. She wasted no time showing off her true personality–affectionate, wiggly, and full of bubbly energy. Our medical staff couldn’t help but fall in love with this candy girl.

After a few days, Laylee was sent to a foster home to continue her treatment. They worked on getting her skin feeling better, as well as putting some much-needed weight on her. Laylee thrived in her foster home. She was thrilled to have their resident dog around to play with, and even showed how respectful and sweet she could be around their cat. She made an amazing impression on the family’s teenage daughter, and impressed everyone with her happy demeanor.

After a few weeks in her foster home, Laylee returned to our medical center for a check-up. Her skin had improved dramatically – no longer was it red and itchy, and the fur was starting to grow back. Her feet were no longer swollen, and it was clear to our medical team that she was feeling better when they saw her bound in, bouncy and excited to meet everyone.

Finally, nearly a month after first arriving in such bad shape, Laylee was healed and ready to find her forever people. When she arrived back at our Animal Community Center to be placed up for adoption, our staff and volunteers were amazed at what an incredible transformation she had made in such a short time. She had undergone so many amazing changes in the past few weeks that she almost looked like a different dog altogether.

Thanks to all the hard work of our medical team and Laylee’s foster family, this sweet girl was more than ready to find her new home. It didn’t take long for her new family to see what we saw in her – a lovable, goofy pup with a bright future ahead of her. She went home just days later, and is spending the holidays at home with a family who loves her.

We are so grateful for our supporters who help make stories like Laylee’s possible. If you want to make a difference in the life of an animal in need like Laylee, please donate to support our lifesaving efforts today.

3 Comments on “Laylee’s Incredible Transformation”

  1. I wish I had all the money in the world to support your organization and organizations like it to help save dogs and cats from such unconscionable treatment. I wish I had all the money in the world to educate people not to have dogs and cats if they can’t or won’t take care of them, can’t or won’t love and cherish them.
    Alas, I don’t have all the money in the world. But what I do have, a portion of it is yours to help in whatever way you deem best.
    We adopted our beloved Sprite from your facility on October 31, 2020 and she is the love of our lives. She has carved out a place in our hearts that was empty after the loss of all 3 of our other dogs within the last year.
    So a big thank you to your efforts and those of all the volunteers (my sister-in-law, Jean Wilder is one of your dedicated volunteers). May you all be blessed with the resources you need to help as many dogs and cats as you possibly can.

  2. What a wonderful story about compassion, hope and inspiration. Thanks to the medical team, staff and supporters of this transformation. May all of your lives be blessed for your time consideration and care for others. Its important that when we see an animal or person suffering to do something, anything is better than nothing. We are placed in a persons life or animals life for a reason. Do what you can when you can. Have a Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks to all of you to make her live so much better. You guys are the heroes for these animals! I will do what I can to help by donating and become a foster parent for the dogs or in need!

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