Kittehs, Like Shoes, Go Better In Pairs.

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Kittens will be kittens. They’re super adorable…
kittens in a cup
Cup o’ kitteh
Super playful….
kittens playing with toy
Super loving…
siamese kittens
Cuddle puddle!
But can also be….
kitten climbing on a human
Hooman! I scale you like tree! You WILL play!!
Demons. It’s not their fault – they’re just wee little things. With youth comes boundless energy and an insatiable need for attention but it can lead to a conundrum. What if you just NEED a kitten?
kitten and plants
When I am bigger I will knock ALL of these off this shelf. #kittengoals
(Trust us, dear reader, you do need a kitten. And kittens need you so this works out wonderfully)
kitten being held up by human
I am kitten. Take me home. 
You need a kitten but you’re concerned because you work or what-have-you and don’t want to feel guilty for leaving the little nugget to it’s own devices…
kitten peering over
Why you go?
Or you simply would like to sleep without having your toes pounced on at 3 AM? Buckle in, friends, we’re going to tell you a secret. Ready?
two kittens sleeping
Shhhh…iz secret.
Kittens go better in pairs. They really, really do.
two kittens cuddling
I smoosh him so I don’t smoosh you. Everyone’s happier.
Not only do they keep each other company while you’re gone…
two kittens play fighting
They can do this for hours…
They also provide each other an outlet for the type of play that kittens enjoy but humans often don’t.
two kittens play fighting
Let’s play face-punch!
That punchy, bitey kind of playing. Which means after a long day at work you come home to sweet kitten adorable-ness…
two kittens hugging
We were good all day. We (kind of) promise.
and not crazy, bouncing off the wall kitties that keep you up all night and make you feel guilty. And they expend those sorts of vaguely-homicidal-but-totally-normal kitten hijinks on each other..
two cats play fighting
Let’s play face-tackle!
leaving your ankles significantly safer…
two kittens playfighting
Note happy, un-bothered dog.
and giving the poor dog some peace. We’re not saying they’ll be little saints but they are more likely to sleep through the night..
two kittens sleeping
Or at least wake each other up to play as opposed to waking you up. It doesn’t mean they won’t want to play with you…
kitten playing with toy
We take turns…
It just means they’ll get some of their ya-yas out with each other so you’re not expected to be a 24/7 play machine. Plus they’ll get to keep each other company for years to come…
two cats sleeping on couch
Leading to years of social-media-ready adorableness.
two cats in bathtub
If you turn the water on we will flay you in your sleep.
So when you come in to adopt your kitten – because you ARE coming in to adopt a kitten, right? – just say…
two kittens sleeping together
Practicing fine twinsie form for later life.
Make mine a double.
two cats sleeping together
We make snuggles.
They’ll be happier, you’ll be happier – we promise. As Aunt Ethel used to say about her brownies..
two kittens on a pet bed
Look – we even fit in a bed together.
Take two, they’re small.
And for the next few weeks adopting a pair is even easier. On weekdays adoption fees are waived on ALL kittens and cats. Check out the available babies here.

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