A High-Rise For Hamsters

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In early September, a shelter in Fresno reached out to us asking if four of their hamsters could hitch a ride on our transport for the day. We didn’t know any background about them or if they were male or female, so we had to find a way to separate them. Our amazingly talented ACT, Dani, jumped in and built a very special “high-rise” for our new hammy friends.


Freddy Bear and Dmitri loved it.


Better than most developments in Silicon Valley, the building boasts a spacious two-story layout with floor-to-ceiling “windows” that allow for lots of natural light in the rooms. They also come fully furnished with cushy paper bedding to keep our residents extra comfy. Especially at a rate of just five sunflower seeds a month, this deal really can’t be beat! Not to mention utilities are included and each unit is serviced with a change of bedding, water, and food every day.

Now that the hams have a nice place to themselves, they’ll be happy throughout the triage process and soon… adoption!

Shout out to all our amazing ACTs that go above and beyond when it comes to animal care here at HSSV.










6 Comments on “A High-Rise For Hamsters”

  1. Can they really get sufficient ventilation inside? If so, I’d like to make one for my granddaughter’s rats. It looks like it would be way easier to clean! Can you supply building instructions?

    1. The ventilation is good, but rats climb better than a hamster and can chew through mesh and plastic fairly easily. You may need something a bit sturdier for them.

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