A Foster Gift

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This little floof is Latte.

She was adopted this February by the Samant family – Shashank, Nandita, and Sonia – and they LOVE her to pieces. The Samants had been considering their first family dog for a long time, and when they were finally ready, no one quite fit what they were hoping for until Latte came into their life.

But before she was adopted, Latte had it a little rough. She was in an animal shelter at Fresno, and she was pregnant with puppies. Knowing that they didn’t have the resources to help a nursing mama dog, the staff at Fresno asked us to bring her in.

We jumped at the chance to take this sweet maltipoo in, and once she was in our care, she was sent through our Wass/Kelmenson Foster Care Program to be fostered by our very own Chief of Shelter Medicine, Dr. Cristie Kamiya. In such safe hands, Latte delivered three healthy puppies. Latte and her little ones then moved to another foster home with a deeply experienced foster volunteer named Elizabeth. Latte had ample time in Elizabeth’s home to nurse and wean her babies until everyone was ready for adoption.

Not every shelter can support dogs like Latte and her three puppies, which is why we’re happy to provide that safety net. And the Samants were so inspired by Latte’s journey and how she was cared for through the Wass/Kelmenson Foster Care Program that they donated $30,000 to specifically support the foster care for pregnant and nursing dogs and their puppies!

We were inspired by Latte to help out all the future to-be moms and their puppies who are being cared for by HSSV,” said Nandita. “We were looking to adopt a dog for last ten years and at last we could adopt one, thanks to the efforts and time by HSSV and their staff. Latte is very affectionate, and she offers her unconditional love over our entire family! She has a strong personality of her own and a mind of her own and even then, she is very gentle and sweet.”

We are so incredibly grateful for everyone involved in Latte’s journey, and especially the Samant family who chose to pay their gratitude forward with a truly remarkable act of generosity. Our community makes this work possible and together, we’re helping thousands of animals like Latte throughout the year.

7 Comments on “A Foster Gift”

  1. Thankyou to all of you at HSSV and the wonderful Samant family for this fantastic outcome for Latte and her puppies. I hope others will be inspired by this to help other animals in need.

  2. I am a avid dog lover. My fur baby passed 2 years ago and I’ve waited a bit to get another dog. This story made me really happy, and hopeful, I’ll find my next family member soon!

  3. Thank you for this lovely story! She was such a dear and such a good mama to her pups. So excited to know she is bringing joy to another family! Elizabeth – foster mom

  4. Awe, what a wonderful story for fluffy Latte 🥰 and the Samant family ❤️ What a generous donation, as well 💜

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