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Garden Cat Adoption Program

Will work for food! Put your garden cat to work today to keep the rodents away! Adopt for only $10

Traditional home adoptions aren’t for every cat which is why we created the Garden Cat Adoption Program. Cats available for adoption in the Garden Cat program are looking for a home in settings such as a barn, warehouse, corporate campus or plant nursery. In exchange for room and board these cats help their owners by keeping rodents away.

The Garden Cat Adoption Program at The Marilyn & Fred Anderson Community Cat Garden

HSSV’s Garden Cats are not your average cat who enjoys petting and sleeping in front of the fireplace. These cats are anti-social with people and are not able to be placed up for adoption as pets. Even though their adoption may be a little different than house cats, we are just as committed to finding them safe homes and are here to help adopters set these cats up for success.

See available garden cats here.

Please note, the available garden cats are the ones with meme images like this :

Learn more about our Marilyn & Fred Anderson Community Cat Garden

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Process Work?

If you are interested in adopting a Garden Cat please contact us at or 408-262-2133 x150. Garden Cats that are available for adoption are currently housed at The Marilyn & Fred Anderson Community Cat Garden in our Animal Community Center (ACC) in Milpitas. In order to find you the right cat and provide the tools needed for a successful Garden Cat transition and adoption, we will discuss the program in detail and find out more about what you are looking for. Read about the requirements for housing, transition and ongoing care of Garden Cats below.

Is a Garden Cat For Me?

Not every location wanting a Garden Cat is a safe environment, but we are here to help you decide if your property is a good place for a garden cat to work and live.

Things to consider before adopting:

Is the property near a busy road or in an area with known predators such as coyotes?

  • If so, it may not be a safe place for a free roaming cat to live

Is anyone on or near the property using poison or bait to kill rodents?

  • If so, find out who and if they are willing to stop or switch to a humane, live trap to remove rodents. Cats that ingest rodents who have been poisoned will also be poisoned

Is there a safe, dry place for the cat to use for shelter?

  • Cats are resilient but need a warm, dry place in cold or wet weather. Cats also need places to hide from humans, dogs or scary things like thunder and lightning.

Will you or someone on the property be feeding and monitoring the cat every day?

  • Garden cats need caretakers and cannot survive on rodents alone. Food, water, shelter and monitoringhealth of Garden Cats is necessary for their well being

Are There Multiple Cats?

While Garden Cats don’t enjoy the company of humans, most cats do enjoy the company of other felines! We wholeheartedly recommend adopting at least two Garden Cats for twice the benefit and so they have companionship in their new home.

Is There an Adoption Fee?

Yes, the adoption fee for Garden Cats is $10 per cat. Donations are always welcome to help cover the cost of this life saving program!

Get more tips for success here.