Turn your used car into a meaningful contribution to help animals!

Save animal lives by donating your car, truck, motorcycle or boat to HSSV. Your car donation is tax deductible and raise funds to save animal lives. Schedule a pick-up today with free towing!

How it works

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Complete this form to tell us about the gift you’d like to make. You will be contacted within 48 hours to reconfirm online information is correct.


After your form is processed, our tow truck partner will contact you within 2-3 business days to schedule the pick-up date and time.

Receive Receipt

Tax documentation will be sent to you 30 days after the completion of the donation process for the full sale of your vehicle!

Vehicle Donation FAQ's

Your Vehicle Donation Saves Animal Lives

Sylvester the catLast year, the average car donation equaled $2,700. That is the equivalent of one day’s worth of care for 45 animals! Or it could be the cost of a lifesaving medical and foster care for one special animal in need, like Sylvester. This handsome cat was hit by a car, leaving him with a large wound on his rear right leg and the inability to walk due to pain. X-rays showed that Sylvester had severe fractures in his leg and pelvis. Luckily, thanks to support from our donors, our veterinary staff are highly skilled in orthopedic care, and they knew that the best way for him to recover pain-free and with good mobility would require an amputation of Sylvester’s rear right leg, and to let his pelvis heal under a watchful eye.

Sylvester underwent surgery and it went extremely well. He was placed in a foster home for long term care so he could safely adapt to three legs and not re-injure his pelvis with too much play. It took Sylvester no time at all to begin bouncing back. He would purr affectionately through all his follow up examines and eventually began walking quite comfortably. Once he was healed and ready, we placed this special boy up for adoption and he was quickly found a lovely adopter willing to give him a safe and healthy life full of love.

Please reach out to 408-262-2133 extension 123 or donations@hssv.org if you have questions.