Emergency Boarding Program

HSSV’s Emergency Boarding program provides short-term boarding for clients experiencing homelessness or fleeing domestic violence.

Our program recently expanded to provide help and services to those who aren’t able to take care of their pets due to COVID-19. Our goal is to ensure that families who love their pets don’t have to make the difficult choice to surrender their furry loved ones simply because of a lack of ability to care for that furry family member.

Our COVID-19 emergency boarding program is available to:

  • People who have been hospitalized or are caring for others and who do not have anyone who can take care of their pets
  • First Responders who are unable to take care of their pets due to their work
  • People who have lost or are going to lose their residence due to financial considerations

The Emergency Boarding program ensures that pets can return to their owners when their situation or health is more stable.

To learn more about getting help, contact us at intake@hssv.org or 408-262-2133 extension 110.

If you don’t need boarding right now, but still need some support to feed your pet – check out our Pet Pantry program at www.hssv.org/petpantry

If you wish to support the Emergency Boarding program or the Pet Pantry, please go here to donate: www.hssv.org or call 408-262-2133 extension 132.

You can also support the Pet Pantry program through our Amazon Wish list.